AccoinGreen — Australian Crypto Coin Pty Ltd

The cryptocurrency payments infrastructure is much more than just payments. AccoinGreen is here to revolutionize the payment process by introducing a scalable and stable payment infrastructure through blockchain technology. This will make transactions more efficient and secure, as well as more cost-effective.

This cryptocurrency is designed to fund environmentally-conscious projects and create jobs for the community!

Australian Crypto Coin PTY LTD is proud to announce the Binance official Bounty Campaign. AccoinGreen welcome you all to take part in this campaign to help spread the word and increase the potential of Australian Crypto Coin.

Keen to be a part of AccoinGreen massive community. The AccoinGreen project has recently got listed on, making it one of the top privacy coins in the market.

Stay ahead of the game and invest in this revolutionary platform during its early stage. AccoinGreen is surely going to change the way cryptocurrencies are transacted all over the world!

The blockchain technology is also beneficial to the environment by providing a high level of transparency to all the processes involved in the transaction chain.

AccoinGreen is the revolutionary payment platform by Australian Crypto Coin PTY LTD. It is here to make changes in the payment infrastructure, with tokens based on Binance smart chain. The whole platform will be safe and fast with environment friendly process.

Implementing blockchain-based payments into everyday lives will initiate a revolution in the payment system. By leveraging on the power of BEP-20 and Binance smart chain, AccoinGreen will revolutionize the payment system by creating an eco-friendly digital asset to help in environmental conservation.

The philanthropic vision with zero transaction fees is a huge incentive for the community. With our solution, the world can begin to take meaningful steps towards protecting our planet for future generations.

ACCOINGREEN Australian Crypto Coin PTY LTD offers consumers with a range of financial services for spending, saving, and transferring cryptocurrencies. It aims to develop green-energy cryptocurrency mining and ATMs across Australia.

It is a decentralized payment platform that uses software token blockchain technology in the network. They want to change the world with their revolutionary products and services.

AccoinGreen mission at AccoinGreen is to create a greener planet by charging cryptocurrency owners a small fee every time they use our POS [point of sale] system, to offset their carbon footprint.

AccoinGreen will do this by planting trees in parts of the world in need of reforestation. AccoinGreen estimate that once all users have joined the platform, AccoinGreen will be able to plant millions of trees annually, effectively grabbing CO2 from the atmosphere and returning our planet back to its ‘green’ self.

AccoinGreen is going to change the way you deal with cryptocurrency. This first crypto green ATM allows you to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat currencies, like Australian dollars and Japanese Yen, at the current exchange rate.

It also lets you convert fiat currency into cryptocurrency. The interest rate that users get from AccoinGreen is higher than the standard rates offered by banks.

The platform is environmentally friendly and rewards its members for using it, including paying for points for every transaction made. There will also be an option to buy via fiat.

With ATMs all over the world, AccoinGreen can be accessed by anyone at any time. It has opened the door for more people to enter the cryptocurrency space without barriers.

Revolutionary cryptocurrency worldwide payment system. Brings changes to the way cryptocurrency is used globally. Benefit environment through our token, green mining and Eco-friendly fund for rural electrification.

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Infomations Details AccoinGreen:

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Bitcointalk username : Manti Tarak

Bitcointalk profile url :;u=3398709

ACCG address on Coinsbit: 0xD6ff9E55AD16Fb3F06af5D1201841C0D2DEECdd1

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Cryptocurrency, Altcoins Lover, and Bounty Hunter

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Manti Tarak

Manti Tarak

Cryptocurrency, Altcoins Lover, and Bounty Hunter

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