Alter Your Economic Destiny through the Revolutionary Revenue Coin

RVC is the innovative method that lets you join the cryptocurrency markets in a new way. With RVC, you can convert any unused or extra funds into cryptocurrency; at the same time, you can convert your real-world savings into cryptocurrency within the Rev market.

RVC are built with smart contracts on blockchain technology, which offer freedom and independence to users, making them full participants in the cryptocurrency market.

RVC provide a revolutionary approach to purchasing and selling goods and investing cryptocurrencies. With RVC, users gain the ability to fund their account and purchase goods and services from partnered merchants.

As one of the first ERC20 tokens,RVC will serve as a viable, sustainable replacement to the traditional revenue-sharing ICOs offered by corporations such as Google and Apple.

RVC were founded upon a single idea: That you should not need to be an economist, IT specialist, or financial analyst to participate in the financial world. RVC are revolutionary because they bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and financial markets in the simplest way possible.

With RVC, you can buy and sell goods and services with or without currency exchanges. Whether you are an investor or merchant, you can use RVC to bring new ideas to life.

RVC are the result of years of research and development by seasoned software engineers, financial specialists, developers, and investors coming together to revolutionize the way users purchase, trade and invest in cryptocurrency.

They are more than just another token on the market. RVC are simple, secure, tamper-proof devices that hold open the door for anyone who is interested in entering the world of cryptocurrency trading.

RVC offer a unique opportunity for cryptocurrency investment. The project is aimed at financially non-independent users, who do not have the necessary financial knowledge to participate in the cryptocurrency market.

RVC are based on the Ethereum platform, which does not require much computing power for mining. This means that anyone can participate in mining simply by acquiring RVC tokens during the ICO phase of the project.

The RVC network has nominated 10 million RVC tokens for distribution to early investors in order to enhance public awareness and support early adoption.

RVC are designed to be a one-stop shop for the cryptocurrency user. They represent a new type of cryptocurrency with a goal of becoming a standard of value and a means for purchasing goods and services worldwide. RVC use the same mathematical algorithms as other cryptocurrencies to generate coins during each block, but in addition they support transactions between users which do not need to convert to another currency before transacting. This does not create additional potential problems related to market volatility.

Revolutionary Revenue Coin aims to build a new ecosystem around the RVC, which is a cryptocurrency with a real and tangible purpose. Transparent and traceable blockchain and Smart Contract technologies will be leveraged to build a system that allows end-users to autonomously trade goods and services for RVC at their current price directly from vendors’ proprietary online shops.

A series of promotional designs and programs will reintroduce the RVC into the global economy as well as increase its use by regular consumers.

The ICO of RVC will take place with $470,000 of revenue coin available to purchase at $0.02 each. Once you own RVC, there are multiple ways to use them with many merchants accepting the cryptocurrency as payment for their goods and services.

Our mission is to improve the overall well-being of all RVC holders, regardless of whether they are simply using the currency as a medium of exchange or trading it as an investment. We will use our experience in cryptocurrency to provide those services that will increase the value of the RVC that you possess.

An investor-based cryptocurrency (RVC) that can be mined, traded or exchanged for other digital currencies via online exchanges. RVC will be used as the primary currency to facilitate transactions between users looking to purchase goods and services from businesses who accept RVC as a means of payment and who also wish to leverage the rapid growth and finite nature of RVC to maintain and increase their net worth.

RVC, which was created by the company President & CEO, is a blockchain technology based cryptocurrency for generating revenue.

Innovative economy platform — This is the first cryptocurrency based on a real product, which will create a new direction for trading goods.

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