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Manti Tarak
4 min readApr 3, 2022

People all over the world are always looking for innovative solutions that will assist them in improving their economic current condition. The Amazin Yeshuwanna Money system has anticipated this and as a result, created a virtual community that stores exchangeable tokens allowing for flexibility within the educational board game system through the use of the Amazin Yeshuwanna Money token that has been self-invested (Economic Educational Board Game System).
Developers have limited resources and need proper systems to protect their innovative ideas from being violated. Our solution is a tokenized system for developers to access, publish and distribute a multiplayer educational board game system that enables continuous customer revenue generation throughout the lifetime of their game. The platform retains customers with an English (UK) token-based economy and Amazin Yeshuwanna Money, and protects their rights with a decentralized programmatic blockchain system.

About Amazon Yeshuwanna Money is
an online player community (Economy Education Board Game System) that stores exchangeable game tokens with the aim of maintaining an adequate supply of AmYesMoney (BEP-20) exchangeable game tokens for the benefit of all players.
The Amazon Yeshuwanna Money (BEP-20) game token can be used to purchase certain educational products and services. We at Amazon Yeshuwanna Money would like to welcome you to the decentralized economy that is emerging online. Find your place in this self-growing community!
(Binance Smart Chain Tokens.) are traded for decentralized tokens by gamers on the dApp token exchange.
You can use the tokens to invest in AmYesMoney and other AmYesMoney related products worldwide, as well as pay for them.
As an early investor, AmYesMoney wants to invite you to buy tokens for the long term. Current token contracts have an algorithm for passive income. Everyone who owns the AmYesMoney token receives 1% of the value of each transaction. Later, this system will be upgraded to a better version.
To earn transaction fees, you can buy tokens and add them to liquidity on any DEX, such as PancakeSwap or BSCSwap. Alternatively, you can store tokens in your wallet and earn passive income from the transactions they make. As the number of token holders increases and the token price increases, the dollar value of your investment will also increase.
You have a good chance to buy tokens at a low price because the project is still in its early stages. In a few years, AmYesMoney predicts the token price will rise by a factor of 100. As a result, a dollar invested today can generate hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the future. But the potential for huge gains outweighs the possible risks, so why not take the risk? AmYesMoney is a group of fans, and because they hold the token, they have a stake in the success of the project and the value of their own token as well.

There are many pieces of technology.
Apart from AYM, you don’t have to worry about Blockchain or any other particular language or framework. The game token can be verified using a smart contract, which records all the necessary parameters. Asymmetric key access to redundantly stored resources on the off-chain network for activities such as event generation, API usage, and authentication will be handled cryptographically by the dApp owner that owns the asymmetric key system.
The recent popularity of NPM and JavaScript has led Amazin Yeshuwanna Money to release a JavaScript library. For the future, a new library is coming soon.

Trading of Gaming Tokens
AmYesMoney (BEP-20) gaming token will be used for player exchanges on Amazin Yeshuwanna Money, one of the most liquid cryptocurrencies. If the player’s cryptocurrency wallets pass CDD checks, they can exchange Binance Smart Chain gaming tokens for AmYesMoney (BEP-20) gaming tokens. AmYesMoney (BEP-20) gaming token Smart Contracts placed on Binance Smart Chain tokens provide the most liquidity and token stability. Ether and Bitcoin may be offered in the future, once there is enough liquidity and regulatory clarity to support them.


Total Supply: 14,232,577,769,808,912 quadrillion
· Burn: 101
· Max Tax: 25%
· Automatic LP Amount: 8%
· Token Holder Rewards: 16%
· Transaction Educational Tax: 25%
· Contract: 0xA2772Ec16949C553A25F733B690894b30d4f3885
· Full Name: Amazin Yeshuwanna Money
· Symbol: AmYesMoney

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Amazin Yeshuwanna Money will be able to apply and use the Blockchain Technology in a way that is more effective, efficient and useful than other cryptocurrencies. By using the Blockchain Technology we will be able to have a revolutionary cryptocurrency that can be used to support the educational system all over the world by investing in the Amazin Yeshuwanna Money token. Players all over the world will also be able to participate in the Decentralized Programmable Blockchain Systems and Resources if they invest in or already have Amazin Yeshuwanna Money token.

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