AOW Partnering With State of Art Game Development Studio

Manti Tarak
3 min readNov 26, 2021

Art of War is a next generation, multi layered gaming ecosystem that will unite and connect their participants and different communities towards a common goal of prosperity.

The new player on the block, Art of War is a next-generation multi layered gaming ecosystem. A decentralized and distributed interactive media platform for creators, participants and spectators of any kind of events, battles and tournaments. An open source community for developers and streamers.

Art of War is a gaming platform that can run as a social mobile app for both android and ios devices. Users from the platform can be at the same time participants of different projects offering them an opportunity to earn even more money without any additional efforts

The Art of War aims to unite the gaming and cryptocurrency communities together to create a better and more transparent future for everyone. This will be achieved through our freemium and mmorpg games while also utilizing the power of cryptography to ensure fair transactions and peer-to-peer trading while eliminating all third party interference.

Art of War is partnering with one of Koreas leading game development companies, Hi Game Digital Ltd., to develop and release a blockchain based fantasy action adventure mobile game that is based on the already well-known and established Fantasy Westward Journey IP.

Art Of War has partnered up with the state of art game development studio named XSOLLO Entertainment to finish their in-game 3D/2D games by the end of the year 2018.

The AOW project is building a strong base that will be capable for the future development. The economy model behind it has been carefully thought out, and will provide maximum benefit to all participants. As its token is native to the ecosystem, benefits to AOW holders will automatically spread to game developers participation in the platform, thus boosting demand for the coin while creating an incentive to invest in it while gaming services are not priced in fiat.”

Art of War has partnered with Another Indie, an award-winning game development studio, which has brought to life cult hits in the past including Another World, Heart of the Alien and Flashback.

The scale of the project is quite impressive. Art of War Entertainment Ltd. is cooperating with Picanyilm Entertainment LLC, a renowned film production company from Hollywood that has been behind such blockbuster hits as Avatar, Titanic and The Huntsman — Winters War.

A self-funded development team of 12 expert software engineers and designers has been conducting a ground-up OSVR OS compatible 3D/2D engine creation process for over a year now. Apart from numerous IndieGoGo projects the development team is working on, OSVR OS support is a core feature of the project goals as well as total integration with VR.

Though many companies are venturing into the gaming sector, none of them has yet to unlock its true potential. AOW is developing a state of the art game development studio, with the help of an all-star team of game developers, that will pioneer in blockchain based games regulated by smart contracts.

The gaming industry alone has a market cap of over a trillion dollars. Can you imagine what happens when a cryptocurrency is introduced into an industry as big as this?

Were incredibly excited to announce that were partnering with War Game Studio- a leader in the multiplayer online war games market.

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’re partnering with War Game Studio- a leader in the multiplayer online war games market
As a next generation cryptocurrency banking service with a gaming ecosystem, Art of War is partnering with the world leaders in innovative gaming, dedicated to developing and providing high quality 2D and 3D mobile games.

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