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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) allows anyone with cryptocurrency to access peer-to-peer technologies instead of relying on centralized institutions to provide trust. Clock X24 operates a fully decentralized peer-to-peer lending platform on the Ethereum blockchain allowing controlling the entire flow of funds including making loans, distributing interest, and reporting status updates.
A high annual percentage yield (APY) will entice token holders to put their money at risk. Incentives may be earned depending on how many tokens a user bets with a high APR. With an APY of 100 percent, clients may expect to earn 1 times their original investment in tokens over an agreed upon length of time, as long as platform A offers this service. Many crypto investors have started to stake their holdings as a consequence of the high APY. Thus, this is not a Ponzi scheme, as the Ponzi scheme relies on people believing in a non-existant reality, including a high return rate, while this staking platform is supported by all users and smart mechanisms that have been designed so that it will generate a sustainable economy that empowers everyone.
Every 10 minutes, decentralized financial asset awards its customers with a gain of 0.018 percent of their assets.
Profit maximization has never seen anything like the C24 incentive generating technique. Every 10 minutes, C24 remuneration mechanism awards all active users with a 0.018 percent bonus. The protocol provides RFI properties. There aren’t any other forks of this protocol with the cutting-edge features and technology as this one does. Everything about it is set up to be totally automated and very efficient from the get-go.

Clock x24 is
Revolutionizing decentralized finance (DeFi) with the Clock x24 Auto staking Protocol (CAP). Every 10 minutes, CAP rebases incentives, providing what we believe to be the highest ever-lasting APY. So, you no longer have to trust a centralized business to take care of all the rebasing tasks for your XNT token, you can do it yourself! Risk-averse traders love CAP for its simplicity, low risk of being cut off from service, and its consistent returns every 10 minutes.
ClockX24 (or X24) is a decentralized and autonomous financial institution that allows investors to earn on cryptocurrencies and digital assets without having to hold them. The fees collected will be reinvested in the company in order to boost the daily yield of the investors with exponential growth that is secured by a proprietary algorithm.

Auto Staking | Rebase | Clock x24 Birth
Clock x24 is here to revolutionize the decentralized finance with its auto-staking protocol: a new financial innovative protocol that will simplify and modify basic staking, through amplified and multiplication of automated staking that offers exponential APY.
The CAP, Clock x24 auto-staking protocol grant its native token exquisite feature of automatic staking and compounding. The addition of these features, together with the fixed APY production that occurs every 10 minutes, enhances the token’s value proposition.
The Cx24 platform’s key selling point is its automated APY creation every 10 minutes. At Clock x24 network, we strive to offer our customers with great annual percentage yields (APYs) by using cutting-edge blockchain technology. As a result of our focus on long-term asset holdings, our clients can expect an annual percentage yield (APY) of 1,284,615.72 percent, which is equivalent to 144 times a day and 52,560 times per year.
Clock x24 is built on top of this ground-breaking instrument and a slew of other new features that set our protocol apart from similar efforts. For a better understanding of Clock x24’s goods and services, we’ll go through these distinguishing characteristics in the next part.
Unlike Olympus DAO forks, the Clock x24 protocol has a few unique features. gains an advantage in the market as a result of these discrepancies.

Clock X24 defi investment and auto Compounding protocol is a blockchain-based platform that offers complete transparency of the financial markets. In addition, it provides security, high speed and liquidity to everyone who wants to participate in the world of crypto currency without the need for complicated trading.
Clock x24 is a new generation of financial technology that brings together the most advanced intelligent technologies in the field of quantitative analysis and trading to deliver maximum profit in minimum time. It combines elements of artificial intelligence, neural network, genetic programming and machine learning with defi investment algorithms on multi-layer self-learning neural networks.

The clock x24 defi is a cryptocurrency auto-compounding protocol that provides the best possible return on investment. Clock X24 is your first step to secure and profitable future while making you a part of the crypto revolution.
Clock X24 is an investment and auto compound protocol for defi which uses x-defi platform to create a new financial instrument. This protocol has been built on the blockchain, so that the token can be compatible with standard smart contract.
Clock X24 is a fully automated investment and auto compounding protocol for any cryptocurrency. It has a unique feature that allows users to set their own interest rate, meaning you can choose how much profit (or loss) you want to be making!
Clock X24 is the first and only investment protocol that was developed using defi algorithm, to generate a high volume of profit through auto compounding (inflation) and an additional bonus from deflation.

Tokenomics CLOCK X24

Bep-20 tokens are hyperinflationary in nature, and the $C24 coin is one of them. Every 10 minutes, or 144 times a day, this local currency disburses attributes required for passive income generation: 0.018 percent interest.
The protocol is not a fork of any other project, but rather a self-designed and authored network.
C24’s tokenomics are also wholly unique, allowing for a much more linear APY development of attainability with its Auto-Burn, burning Pit design, marginal initial supply, and shorter 10-minute Epochs.

The following breakdown of the 6% purchase fee:
2% for liquidity pool
1% for insurance/ development fund
2% for treasury funds
1% for burning

The 8% selling fee is broken down as follow:
3% for the liquidity pool
3% for the treasury fund
1% for the insurance fund
1% for burning


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