Crypto Cowboys: A Metaverse Ranch That Gives You Real World Benefits

Manti Tarak
3 min readFeb 6, 2022


Welcome to the future…a world where every card you’ve ever collected, every vinyl record and CD, every pin badge and patch, every piece of clothing and jewelry has been scanned into a Metaverse and meticulously recreated for all to see.

Gang of crypto cowboys is ready for action!

crypto cowboys are a private online group that has a lot of perks. It is constructing a new Metaverse ranch in the next generation virtual 3D world platform, giving access to a private club, unique gear and products, and money from music and film licenses, among other things.

Crypto Cowboys offering exclusive memberships during our initial fundraising campaign as part of Crypto Cowboys community-focused approach to building a private club that offers incredible perks for members.

Those include benefits like being able to live on your own virtual 3D ranch house, where you can listen to the music you love through 3D models of vintage headphones, play your favorite games on real life-sized classic consoles and kick back while watching vintage classic TV shows on your 4K television on your living room wall.

What is Crypto Cowboys?
It’s a group of creative people who are going to build a virtual world, buy land in the Metaverse and make a Metaverse Ranch that gives our members real-world benefits.

Crypto Cowboys is a Metaverse ranch in the next generation virtual 3D world platform. You can take ownership of a fraction of our NFT land, or simply buy yourself a token to watch us interact with our land and give you real-world benefits.

Join today and learn more about the exciting plans for Crypto Cowboys Metaverse ranch in Decentraland, and how you can get special access to Crypto Cowboys private club within this virtual paradise, experience and interact with virtual reality VR content created by Crypto Cowboys team, and participate in the growing entertainment economy of music, film, and video game licensing.

It may seem like a virtual world, but the Metaverse is very real. We are building an online community all about using the Metaverse to live your best life.

Crypto Cowboys will feature your work (music, art, writing, etc) for profit-sharing opportunities too! Crypto Cowboys need you to bring this virtual world to life with Crypto Cowboys.

Members get a private ranch and exclusive gear for just $45/month! They’ll even get a portion of sales from music and film licenses.

Crypto Cowboys is distributing virtual property and real world profits to members who invest in Metaverse. The premise of the game is to govern an RFI token-backed land plot, called a Ranch, on the network.

These Ranches are designed in collaboration with an exclusive artist linked to a Metaverse land plot and will include a diverse selection of NFT art work created by this artist, including exclusive clothing, furniture, music videos and films.

The Metaverse is a 3D platform that allows developers to build 3D experiences, uncover new sources of revenue, and connect with the world. Members have access to the Metaverse, its online private group. Members also get even more unique gear and products. It’s a whole new experience, giving you a whole new way to game & trade.

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