Crypto Exchange SplashSwap is Now Available on the Binance Chain

You can now Exchange your Coins and tokens without any registration, on the Binance Chain, with instant Swap of tokens to your Balance. It Can be used to trade, stake and farm your Crypto Assets. We have come up with an idea of an Decentralized Crypto Trading platform where you do not need to Register, Deposit & Withdrawal, to buy Sell and Trade your Assets.Transact immediatelly with no fees or delays. We are Currently in Private Beta Mode and will soon be Launching our MainNet for trading on the Binance Chain

Crypto Exchange SplashSwap is Now Available on the Binance Chain. To accommodate to the public demand, SplashSwap has made a decision to launch Trading on the Binance Chain. This was part of the initial plan. The Binance Chain is 100% Decentralized where you can Buy/Sell/Trade/Stake/Farm your tokens without any registration or KYC.

You can Buy, Sell, Trade, Stake and Farm your Tokens without any registrations. And you dont need to worry about security, the Blockchain takes care of your funds.

Crypto Exchange SplashSwap is Now Available on the Binance Chain. Create Your account now and Trade for Free!

You can buy, sell exchange your tokens with us wherever you are in Crypto World through your Smartphone or Laptop.

You can Stake & Farm your Cryptocurrencies from any device without any registrations, just visit choose any of your favorite coins to mine and start earning passive income in Crypto World Within Minutes.

We are now on the Binance Chain with SWAP, no trading fees, 1000 tokens to stake for free, deposit and withdraw in LTC or BTC. You can buy, sell, trade and farm your tokens from your hardware wallet like Ledger Nano S and Trezor.

Handling the KYC application on user registration lead Binance to launching a decentralized exchange on the Binance Chain (BINANCE- INC). SplashSwap is an independent decentralized cryptocurrency exchange owned by SplashFactory Inc.

The live version of SplashSwap is available for trading, staking and farming of your own tokens. It’s no secret that crypto exchanges are riddled with security issues. Thousands of crypto traders and investors rely on centralized trading platforms such as Binance, Coinbase, Bittrex etc. every day.

The problem that I see here is that these platforms hold custody of their user’s crypto assets, making them

Binance chain is the base-layer blockchain that supports decentralized projects built on Binance chain. It includes a decentralized exchange called Binance DEX, where you can trade tokens without having to register or provide personal information.

Your funds are controlled entirely by your private keys. Create your own wallet for free and start trading immediately.

Today we are excited to announce that SplashSwap is now available on the Binance Chain. The Splash team had a long history of decentralized exchanges with their own blockchain and they just migrated all their assets, community, and users to the Binance Chain at BEP2 without any registration and minimal deposit requirements. Give the community a warm welcome!

We started SplashSwap as a DAC for Binance Chain, with our mission to democratize Decentralized Exchanges. Now, we are proud to announce that SplashSwap is announced to be the first publicly available DEX on Binance Chain.

Binance Chain [ BNB tokens] is permanently removed from the system and can never be used again.

SplashSwap, one of Binance’s first Blockchain 4 Social Impact Hubs, has launched its first coin, Splashcoin. The project team is extremely excited to share the news with the Binance community, as well as any and all interested crypto investors.

Learn more about Splash Swap and the trading beta today — download the SplashSwap app for Android or IOS. Download the SplashSwap mobile application at, sync with the chain, and start trading. The smart man learns from his mistakes, but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. — Otto von Bismarck

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