Cryptocurrency Review: PNP Coin

Manti Tarak
3 min readNov 14, 2021


pnp coin

All cryptocurrencies face a common problem: they lack mainstream adoption. This factor affects the way their prices move, as those looking to buy or sell may be limited to those who actively trade, which limits the size of the market.

PNP Coin is a platform that leverages social aspects to create a new network on a crypto-token basis that has no restrictions. Powered by an Ethereum token that provides payouts to active members, PNP Coin has created a new dynamic that makes it traffic-friendly and accessible for anyone with an extensive social network.

PNP Coin is a first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency that can be used to pay for online services and products or as an alternative to credit cards or cash. With PNP Coin, you are the owner of all the coins that are minted, allowing you to receive interest on your holdings, buy goods and services using your coins, exchange coins with other members in the PNP network, redeem your coins for alternative cryptocurrencies, or provide liquidity to other services or businesses by issuing stock.

The PNP Coin network is a true ledger of encrypted transactions made by the PNP Wallet users. This unique feature allows for a decentralized and secure network, supported by a diverse community of innovators, to share exchanges and other media tied to the PNP economy.

With a wide range of unique features, PNP Coin aims to enable a new level of creativity to flow.

PNP Coin is a currency exchange platform that aims to make currency transfers more efficient and affordable for anyone. Made of industry-tested and audited code and built on advanced blockchain infrastructure and cryptography, PNP Coin’s singular approach has attracted users and merchants from all over the world.

Start investing in PNP Coin and enter a new future of blockchain technology and digital currencies.

PNP Coin is an innovative digital currency that allows people to transact with digital money instead of traditional fiat currencies. Instead of using the processing power of computers it uses the computational power of smartphones , cutting-edge hardware, to meet the demand for secure, decentralized banking.

Investors are planning to invest in cryptos through their PNP Coin shares. This will let them take part in the cutting edge technology PNP Coin is about to develop, that has proven its potential in other countries.

We believe that the project will be successful for investors because of its complete transparency, which allows us to be sure that all information is accurate and properly evaluated. PNP Coin is a fantastic investment opportunity for those who wish to diversify their assets using this safer alternative.

PNP Coin is a new cryptocurrency that was developed to establish an easy and accessible way for investors to participate in the digital currency market. Featuring a secure wallet and merchant system, PNP Coin allows users to virtually invest and receive dividends every hour of every day.

It provides excellent security, with most everyday consumers being able to conduct quick transactions at any time.

Today, PNP Coin is an Australian-based financial services company offering a gamut of unique and attractive facilities and products to its customers.

PNP Coin is a 100% POW (Proof of Work) only token. Pow coins are sent to the miners automatically whenever they solve an individual mining problem. PNP Coin has some unique characteristics beyond POW coins….

PNP (short for Proof of Networking) is a cryptographic currency that enables users to trade. PNP Coin is meant to be used as a payment for providing technical support, or issued as part of a bounty network, where nodes will provide traffic for free.

Exchange & Withdrawal:Pineapple Pay is the only approved PNP Coin exchange so far. Isle of Pines Research has also announced an official exchange under their name to be added in 2018.

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