Digital Arms Take Game-Loot To A Whole New Level

Using blockchain technology, Digital Arms is constructing a global war game where players will be able to engage in combat activities using virtual assets on its gaming platform. The platform enables its users to trade and customize attributes to fit their specific preferences.

The Digital Arms platform offers its users a fun and engaging way to engage in combat activities. The game combines elements of collectibles and video games and offers a fun, interactive way to battle it out with other players in a simulated world.

When combined with blockchain technology, the game provides users with a bounty of unique opportunities and benefits, introducing them to a whole new level of gaming, socializing, and collecting.

Digital Arms is the first war game platform to be built on the NFT protocol. The Digital Arms platform offers a whole new level of gameplay, providing users with a wealth of benefits and opportunities. Players can use these assets to compete in game modes such as player-versus-player and collect valuable weapon blueprints.

Digital Arms has created a fun and interactive way for users to enjoy combat activities. With full protection under law, smart property rights, and other platform features, players will have the opportunity to experience war games in a whole new light.

Digital Arms is taking loot to a whole new level through the development of the first multiplayer blockchain-based war game. With an engaging gaming platform that unites combat activities with popular video games, Digital Arms provides users with a wealth of benefits and opportunities.

Digital game assets are represented by non-fungible tokens (NFT), which can be shared and traded on a common exchange.

With blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens, Digital Arms is using the popular game WarGame to revamp the experience. The platform enables purchases, exchanges, and customization of weaponry, equipment and attributes, creating a fun and interactive way to engage in combat activities.

Digital Arms is taking the game-loot market to a whole new level by integrating real weaponry systems and the use of the NFT protocol. With its gaming platform, players will be able to freely trade virtual assets and customize any number of weapon classes and attributes. Digital Arms also provides a wealth of benefits not normally offered to users of other typical platforms.

While Digital Arms will be releasing a game, they are also developing a software development kit (SDK) that will be available for any developer looking to create their own blockchain enabled gaming platform.

Tired of no virtual game assets? Using blockchain technology, Digital Arms constructs a global game using the NFT protocol. With this distributed virtual machine, players are able to bring large variety of assets and items into the game.

Digital Arms is building an immersive, digital war game that puts control of an army into the player’s hands. The platform will offer a unique ecosystem in which users can customize and trade their army’s equipment and soldiers, while making money off their in-game activity. Digital Arms doesn’t stop there, though — it uses blockchain technology to give users intrinsic value with each virtual asset they buy

Founded in 2018, Digital Arms is a decentralized, global war game based on the Ethereum blockchain. In this war game, players can construct collectibles out of digital arms they’ve sponsored. Digital Arms allows people to rebuild and customize their soldiers’ gear as well as offer them for trade with others.

The Digital Arms game is currently in operation, having begun in March 2018. Thousands of users from around the world have registered to receive test tokens. Digital Arms offers its users a broad range of benefits and opportunities. The use of blockchain technology ensures that users will be able to complete transactions safely and without any problems, as well as make timely transfers at low costs.

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