How PAF DAO Impact On Crypto Ecosystem

Manti Tarak
3 min readJan 6, 2022


PAF DAO are excited to announce that Pitch Finance and Flocki Finance are officially joining forces. Together, we are creating a new protocol called PAF DAO, which stands for Pitch Assets For Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. The project combines the best parts of both protocols, allowing anyone to create real assets, place value on them, then trade those assets inside and out of multiple blockchains.

The PAF DAO launches on the 30th of January, 2019. The team led by Michael Valentine is excited about their progress in this new decentralized architecture. They have announced the cooperation of their current projects, Pitch Finance and Flocki Finance.

For many Crypto enthusiasts, pitching in Crypto remain a big challenge. Pitch Finance will help them to pitch their ideas and gather support. Flocki Finance is a DAO that helps you directly participate in the crypto economy by lending your favorite tokens, NFTs, and assets via smart contracts while reaping rewards on block chain participation.

The Pitch Finance is delighted to announce the newest partnership — Flocki Finance. Flocki Finance mobilizes a new frontier of fair finance around the blockchain.

This partnership is aimed at making you enjoy the ultimate PAF DAO Protocol with its diversified ecosystem.

NFTs are a special kind of blockchain-based asset. NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. These tokens can represent all sorts of unique visual and digital assets, from guitar riffs to cryptoequities. If a market is slow, or if we have mispriced a particular NFT’s value, Pitch Finance can fill in the gaps

PITCH provides an open source Decentralized App development framework that allows anyone to create value-driven applications, Your hopes for a unified crypto ecosystem are coming true. Crypto projects are about to become more socially impactful.

The Pitch Finance ecosystem is designed to help you create, buy, sell, trade, and manage assets and tokens built on top of different blockchains. Now, once the FlockiFinance’s NLP protocol has been integrated into our Standard PAF Contract, the Pitch Finance team will be able to connect with other developers to create applications that will benefit a much wider audience.

Crypto enthusiast are in for a treat with the newly announced partnership between PAF DAO and Pitch Finance. One of the biggest benefits of this merger is that it helps to create more independent and decentralized projects on the Blockchain.

In the midst of its latest update, the dev team behind Pitch Finance announced it was partnering with Flocki finance to further combine their technology and functionality, A new era is here with Pitch Tokens. Join PAF DAO and start to play in the crypto ecosystem.

Pitch Finance is a decentralized platform for blockchain-based, peer-to-peer financing and incubation. Their smart contracts allow users to create financial products such as debt instruments and stocks on their platform. They also provide a catalog of all the best crypto project, trade tools like Pitch Match, which compares ICOs, side by side, and facilitate the decision making process for token buyers.

Within the distance we have made considerable progress in terms of development, so it is time to combine our forces to make a big step towards the evolution of Blockchain ecosystem.

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