How Quarashi.Network Simulates The Positive-Only Properties Of Cash With New Cryptocurrency

Quarashi is a cryptocurrency that aims to simulate the positive properties of cash — divisibility, durability and transportability- but at the same time has none of its negative ones — shortage, forgery and expensive storage.

Quarashi is a cryptocurrency, but actually it’s much more like cash. It’s designed to keep all of the positive properties of cash — divisibility, durability, transportability and fungibility — while eliminating all its negative ones: shortage (it can’t be hoarded or destroyed), forgery (the signature is unique to the currency) and expensive storage (it is digital after all).

Quarashi is a digital currency designed to be like cash. It’s divisible, durable, and transportable, but it has a few huge advantages over paper cash: no counterfeiting and theft, and extremely small storage and transfer costs.

What if there was a digital form of money that you could use to send money to anyone in the world in a flash? That’s the promise of Quarashi.

Quarashi brings a new way of feeling about “money”, we call it “Positive Cash”. Like all other forms of currency, it also functions as a medium of exchange and so everybody can use, trade and own it. It has the properties of cash and at the same time functions as currency.

A modern cryptocurrency is pretty much the same as a regular currency. The big difference between them is how they come into existence. Rather than being minted or printed by a central authority, a cryptocurrency is initially produced by mining.

When you’re mining (solving mathematical puzzles in Quarashi) you’re actually adding transaction records to the public ledger that keeps track of who owns how many Quarashi.Thus, you can spend your Quarashi hundreds of times before it turns into dust, and then someone else can do the same with the dust and turn it into something else.

The result of this secure process is digital money that behaves just like cash: you can show off with it when you go out for dinner, buy yourself a new outfit and pay your rent without having to wait for days for a bank transfer to clear.

Quarashi is a unique crytocurrency. You can think of Quarashi as simulating cash, yet also be able to be logged on to the internet.

Back in the stoneage days of human history, people had to use big hunks of valuable stuff, like gold and silver beads, to buy and sell things. But that was a pain in the neck because they had to carry around all these heavy gold coins just to have money.

Then along came cryptocurrency, which is sort of like cash except you don’t have to lug around big hunks of gold or silver — it’s all online. This is nice because you can send it by email. But with Quarashi this process can now be made even more simple and convenient yet simultaneously even more secure ,What?

Nobody knows yet but we will tell you how come soon…

We at Quarashi like to refer to ourselves as “cash-miners”, because that’s essentially what we are: we mine the blocks of transaction data on the digital (and physical) world. It is our opinion that there is a need for cash in digital form it allows you to carry your money with you, spend it instantly and anonymously, practically for free and in any amount, at every merchant.

There is no possibility to forge or imitate a cryptocurrency and hence no chance for counterfeiting. And this is how we make all that happen.

You’ve never heard of Quarashi.Network?

Wait, is that just a feigned astonishment we detect in your voice? Oh well, Quarashi is here now to stay and we are already accepting it as the official currency for our business and productions. We will use it for all job payments, for projects marathons, for our next personal album.

The Quarashi platform is based upon the seminal research of one of our lead developers, and has been under development for years in tandem with several other innovative ventures. We believe it is the most important technology available to date, as it could effectively replace cash, enhancing its effectiveness while removing the ability to manipulate and economize it.

It’s easy to use. No installation or registration required, just download and run the executable file. It doesn’t rely on centralized.

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