Influencio Is Launching A Revolutionary Platform To Bring Brands And Influencers Together On The Blockchain

Manti Tarak
3 min readFeb 3, 2022

Imagine a world where brands and influencers can work together to create mutual benefits. Influencio can make this a reality by forming real relationships between influencers and brands, and executing smart contract-based campaigns for word of mouth marketing.

As the next generation of social media influencers are on the blockchain, Influencio will start with a focus on the Influencer-As-A-Service industry.

The Influenio project will be the first to offer its own complete solution to connect influencers and brands without intermediaries, by using blockchain technology and smart contracts.

After an incredible amount of research and development, Influencio has brought to life a platform that will bring creators, brands and influencers together in a unique way to help build their community.

With over .1 billion social media users worldwide, Influencio will be launching its product in Spring of 2018.

The Influencio team is announcing today that it wants to make influencer marketing more accessible by launching a new platform. It will allow both brands and social media influencers to tap into the benefits provided by this type of marketing campaign, which have been repeatedly proven as highly effective.

Influencio, the blockchain-based social platform, will launch its token sale. The Influencio team wants to establish a new ecosystem between content producers, brands and their audiences that is free of current problems.

The platform would be an all-in-one solution with influencers, brands, real time tracking of advertising campaigns, and reward system.

Influencio is starting a revolution with the intention of bringing brands and influencers together on a revolutionary platform based on the blockchain.Aiming to provide actual value to both sides of the industry.

It will use an intuitive and user-friendly interface in order to provide a more efficient way to access this new marketing opportunity and therefore allow any business to benefit from having influencers promote their products to a specific audience.

While Influencio will attempt to offer a better solution, it also claims that other similar platforms are prone to security flaws, which jeopardize their customer’s data.

This social media platform employs blockchain technology to create a transparent marketplace for brands and influencers. Influencio intends to revolutionize several key aspects of the influencer marketing industry, namely:
1. Transparent Pricing
2. Tokenized Reward System
3. Creation of an Audience-Driven Marketplace

As the blockchain community continues to grow, people are mainly talking about cryptocurrencies and not about its use for social good. But Influencio wants to change that.

The Influencio team is all set to revolutionize the influencer marketing industry, and here’s how. With the Influencio platform, brands will be able to identify potential influencers with extraordinary social media presence that match their target audience profile and offer them nice incentives in exchange for promotional content about the brand.

Influencers can also take part by submitting their proposals for promotion to a certain brand on the platform. As we are based on blockchain technology, mistakes, fraud and deception will be eliminated from the industry.

Influencio wants to bring brands and influencers closer than ever, on one universal platform, catering for everybody. The Influencio platform is powered by blockchain technology to ensure transparency, security and honesty between influencers, brands and their audiences.

Always being 100% transparent about payment structure, and built with the end user in mind.

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