Influencio-the first dedicated blockchain-based influencer marketing platforms.

Use of web-based online media destinations to keep in touch with friends/family/partners/clients/customers is known as “social networking communication.” Through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, people can engage in social or business interactions. Advertisers who want to connect with their customers through social media must have a strong foundation in this area. As of Dec. 31, 2020, Facebook will still be the most popular social media platform, with 2.8 billion active users. According to Statista, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Pinterest are among the most popular social media platforms.

What you need to know about Influencio?
With Influencio, the current online media frameworks are given superpowers, creating a new generation of informal communities. An online media stage where established powerhouses, high-development mini-forces to be reckoned with and their devotees can adapt, become their after and gain from connections is the first of its kind to intensify the impacts and advantages.

The Influencio dashboard features an intuitive UI/UX that makes it easy for powerful forces to be reckoned with and for brands to reach a large, open audience. Fanatics can both discover and shape the upcoming influence of intriguing makers within their own inclinations. Play-to-Earn, the INFLUENCE and ACTS Tokens, and the dynamic NFTs in Influencio’s stage all contribute to the game’s elements. Influencio is the work of a powerful group of forces that can’t be ignored. VIPs and a top pick putting group with FinTech, Blockchain and Crypto experience support it.

The Purpose of Influencio!
Decentralizing and redistributing content sharing capacity to individuals is at the heart of Influencio’s mission. Using content sharing and crypto token awards, Influencio aims to build networks around a brand or message. Traditional informal exchange and powerful promotion standards are combined with gamification and strategies that have helped to build digital currencies and their networks.

Influencio’s Best Kept Secrets!
Influencio is preparing to be perhaps the most recent advancement in the Metaverse with this intriguing blend of powerhouses, NFTs, and blockchain gaming. These elements make up the Influencio ecosystem.

Strong opponent to be wary of Dashboard
The Influencio Dashboard gives users an overview of the top influencers and celebrities, how their tokens are selling, and where they stand in relation to the competition. In the rankings, those with the most INFLUENCE tokens will be listed first.

You’ll also be able to see a breakdown of all the Influencer users’ profiles, along with a breakdown of the various categories they fall under (such as Crypto Influencer, Beauty Influencer, Video Gaming Influencer, and so on). For fans and brands alike, this outline helps them see more powerhouses in their respective fields, as well as those who are relevant to their products or services.

Influencer marketing — Influencio!
The Influencio Marketplace can be used by powerful organizations to mint and sell their own NFTs. NFTs are a force to be reckoned with and open up a variety of advantages for fans, such as access to select substances, individual correspondence, and so on.

A Play-to-Earn game called Influencio
In a Play-to-Earn (P2E) RPG utilizing specially and imaginatively planned Influencio NFTs, Influencio invites customers from around the world to participate. Clients who purchase NFTs on GameFi and NFTs can genuinely claim ownership of their computerized resources, as ownership is clearly visible on the blockchain. Tokens for ACTS can be obtained through gameplay.

The foundation of Influencio’s technology
As one of the leading blockchains in the DeFi community, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is used by Influencio. Despite the fact that it is new to the solar system, its speed, adaptability, and EVM viability have already resulted in significant growth. Furthermore, as the BEP-1155 symbolic norm is upheld by the Binance Smart Chain, it opens up the possibility of using NFTs to create a self-sustaining power market.

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