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Manti Tarak
3 min readDec 3, 2021

The Magic Formula Token (symbol MTK) is a tokenized share in a proven, profitable, and legally operating forex and CFD platform. Owning one MTK gives you perpetual rights to MTK token holders’ profit payout. 100% of our clients’ profits are distributed to holders of MTK tokens. Our profit-sharing model is transparent and built on the Ethereum blockchain technology.

Learn about the MTK Token, which gives participants the opportunity to earn money regardless of market fluctuations, as well as receiving all benefits from Magic Trading’s platform. Participate in the Token Sale now!

MTK token is a share in Magic Trading Company Limited. MTK token is a part of the profit distribution!

MTK Token is an Ethereum based token, which is backed by a real company with real assets and a proven track record. MTK Token’s platform is MagicTrading.com — gold standard of the Forex Industry that received many awards and continues to win money for investors:

Magic is a suite of trading platforms that integrates different financial tools and instruments. MTK token holders have a claim on all the company’s profits: from trading, exchange, crypto and other projects.

As you have certainly noticed, our company is growing very fast. In May of 2016 we launched MTK platform and MTK token. It was the first step in the development of our platform. Now, 2 years later, we are proud to say that, as a result of our strategy, we have attracted thousands of traders and investors to our platform, with a total amount in the millions of dollars.

However, to continue our rapid growth and achieve the next level of development, we will need help from enthusiastic people who want to be part of the market and enjoy investing their money into Forex trading with their own rules and

The MTK token sale is open to all participants without limitations. Participants can choose to buy tokens with Ethereum, Bitcoin or wire transfer. As a promotion on this pre-sale, MTK will offer a 20% bonus when purchased using Bitcoin and 10% bonus if using Ethereum.

As a community-driven company, we strive to give our traders a high level of autonomy and in order to achieve this, we decided to distribute our tokens. This allows everyone that is interested in MTK to become our shareholders. By becoming a shareholder you will automatically gain access to information on MTK and benefit from its rise in value as well as earn profits from the distribution of dividends, which occurs two times each year.

Magic is a company offering the most liquid market on the Forex and CFD markets. We have been successfully working since 2013, offering innovative solutions to all those interested in trading via Meta Trader Platform, MT4/MT5.

If you would like to learn more about the MTK token and participate in the token sale:

Wallets are not supported on this device. Please use a computer with an up-to-date version of Chrome or Firefox. No software installation is needed. Best security practices: never send funds to anyone you do not know or trust, and do not enter your private key into any website or wallet.

For more than 5 years MTK stable platform gives guarantees to traders and investors. We continue to develop our product and invest in marketing to attract new customers. MagicTrading’s flagship product — MT4, also known as Forex Terminator, provides traders with award-winning software that makes trading easy, smart, and profitable.

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