Meet XcelDefi, World’s First Comprehensive DeFi Ecosystem

Welcome to XcelDefi.

Are you looking for reliable, secure, and low-cost loans in multiple sectors? Do you want to realize faster settlement, lower collateral threshold, and transparent and trustless transactions? Are you looking for a way out of the traditional financial system but are unable to access the crypto system?

The idea of the ecosystem is not exactly new, but no one has attempted it on such a scale. XcelDefi provides a solution to a universally-felt pain point: that there are too many crypto tokens in circulation, and it is impossible to analyze them all so easily.

XcelDefi vision for is to become the world’s first comprehensive DeFi ecosystem by developing a chain of digital products spanning multiple sectors, backed by $XLD, a community-driven token and leveraging blockchain technology to do so.

We envision XcelDefi as a next-generation DeFi platform leveraging different technologies such as 2FA with AI technology, distributed storage on IPFS with automatic differential data compression and optimization along with a team of experts behind the scenes to ensure security and provide 24/7 support to people using our solutions.

XcelDefi is a diverse ecosystem that develops multiple digital products backed by the global community. It has created a chain of value beginning with a crosschain protocol

The word “DeFi” has quickly become a buzzword in the cryptocurrency industry. From lending platforms that allow for fiat-backed loans to decentralized exchanges, DeFi products create a new paradigm among blockchain platforms by introducing products that touch more facets of daily life than what is currently available in the market.

XcelDefi aims to provide cutting-edge DeFi applications, on top of XcelLabs’ infrastructure and other third-party applications built by community developers, starting from China and expanding globally.

The global economy is constantly growing larger. Governments and institutions are struggling to keep up. The need for digitization, decentralization and borderless transactions have never been more urgent. We believe that a DeFi ecosystem can solve these problems and bring about real change to the world.

That’s why we have established XcelLabs, the world’s first comprehensive DeFi ecosystem.

What’s more, XcelLabs has internally developed a digital currency called $XLD; and using this currency, XcelLabs will develop blockchain-based products for multiple sectors, backed by $XLD — the first step to building a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem.

It [XcelDefi] aims to empower people to develop DeFi products and form communities, creating a self-developed financial ecosystem.

XcelDefi will bridge the gap between the traditional economy and the new era.

If you are not familiar with the term DeFi, it stands for Decentralized Finance.
XcelDefi is the world’s first comprehensive DeFi ecosystem by developing a chain of digital products across multiple sectors and backed by XLD, a community driven token.

Leveraging on blockchain technology, XcelLabs realises XcelDefi as an innovative ecosystem with the potential to transform current business models in the financial sector.

In addition to XcelDefi ecosystem, XcelDefi also offer you a secure, trusted and decentralized exchange, as well as an e-wallet app. In the near future, we will release other innovations aimed at creating better lives in financial services through leveraging blockchain technology.

More information about XcelDefi.

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