Mliki: A Marketplace for Digital and Physical Goods

Manti Tarak
4 min readMar 26, 2022

Have you ever dreamed of having a retailer selling your video game items? Or selling your special item through our platform? The reality is, physical goods and digital items are in great demand. But the problem with physical goods marketplace and digital marketplace is they require different approaches to sell their products. We want to fix this problem by creating a single platform where it has one interface for selling both physical goods and digital items.
Imagine you could purchase physical items, digital items and services in just a few seconds. Imagine you could do this with the same amount of security and trust you can have when visiting an e-commerce platform. Mliki is a marketplace that lets you do exactly that.

What is Mliki?
A limitless digital goods and physical goods marketplace. This hybrid marketplace allows you to purchase physical goods and digital goods like non fungible tokens (NFTs) at the touch of a finger.
Mliki is a digital commerce platform that allows the users to buy and sell digital and physical goods. The vision of the team at Mliki is to develop a seamless ecosystem that makes it possible for users to transact across boundaries.

Product Mliki
Mliki has a hybrid marketplace, which means it is both centralized and decentralized at the same time.
As a centralized marketplace, Mliki social commerce enables users to trade physical goods. Each customer will receive a shipment of their own physical goods to the address or location of their choice.

Polygon blockchain-based NFT marketplace Mliki NFT marketplace focuses on user experience and ease of use to create, buy, sell and trade NFTs such as in-game NFT asset, collectible, Metaverse NFT, and many more.

— Create, Buy And Sell an NFT
NFTs can be sold in the marketplace by artists, and they can continue to earn royalties from every subsequent sale. If you’re an investor, you can buy collectibles on the open market, or you can just show off your collection to your friends and neighbors.

— NFT Launchpad
Our partners and NFT community can help you raise money for your project through (INO)

— Trade To Earn
Mliki tokens will be awarded to buyers and sellers based on their buying and selling activities, and early adopters will receive additional benefits.

— Affiliate Program
You’ll earn a commission on every trade a user makes if they sign up through your affiliate link.

Mliki Hybrid Marketplace
Mliki is a decentralized and centralized marketplace in one. As a result, the Mliki Hybrid marketplace will address the following issues in conventional social commerce:

— Adopt Blockchain Technology To Improve Security
When it comes to e-commerce, blockchain is one of the most secure technologies available. We will not ask you for any personal information other than your email address for KYC purposes. Blockchain’s privacy feature shields you from prying eyes. Encryption at the end-to-end prevents digital items from being stolen.
A hacker’s footprint is minimized thanks to end-to-end encryption for the platform and its users, as well as integrated chain technology. As a result, account and character hacking on the site will be greatly reduced. Alternatively, anyone on or off the network can view all transactions and their associated timestamps because the technology is open-source and public. This helps the community detect and prevent ongoing hacks more quickly.
The number of downtimes caused by target attacks is also reduced thanks to blockchain technology. It’s because there are no single servers or networks running the blockchain, so the computation is distributed across all nodes. Thus, Mliki will be difficult to take down because it will be available at all times.

— Leverage the power of social media to boost your bottom line.
A rise in sales isn’t a given when a product or service is being promoted. Creating revenue occurs as soon as customers begin purchasing the product. The primary goal of the sales team is to persuade the customer to buy the product being sold. Promoting a product through word-of-mouth referrals from current customers is a simple and effective way to increase sales.

— Convenient and Cost-Effective Payment Methods
Using Mliki’s payment methods and marketplace, all assets and purchases on our e-commerce platform are subject to the same charges, if any, regardless of whether or not they are sold. There is no need to be concerned about price increases because they are regulated and consistent across locations. In part, this is due to the native token feature’s low transaction costs, which allow us to serve a wider range of customers.

— Customer rewards/Group buying
Mliki’s goal is to make purchasing products in bulk more affordable than it would be if you bought them separately. A referral program and a loyalty program will be implemented in the Mliki marketplace in order to increase sales activity.

Distribution of Tokens

Mliki always makes sure that the ecosystem is developed in parallel with external collaborations with strategic partners and the expansion of the community. Make sure the token works well by designing metrics for it, Mliki does so.

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