MMG Token: The First Blockchain Game Box To Integrate With NFT Games And Digital Artwork

Multi-channel entertainment platform MMG launches blockchain gamebox and integrates it with digital arts programs. Blockchain shares will be stored as non-fungible tokens (NFT) called Planets in the MMG ecosystem, available for purchase through a token sale. Gamebox technology is currently being developed for integration with the Ethereum blockchain, called the ERC721 token, and is widely used in CryptoKitties games.
The project party creates a circular economy model for itself through the power of capital. In the future, this ecosystem will be managed collaboratively by members of the public. The project guides people to buy MMG as an investment and any form of profit can be returned to the game box. All funds in the ecosystem are transparent. The project party is only responsible for managing the funds and charging management fees. The project party does not get other benefits apart from the cost of managing funds. All investors have to buy their tokens publicly to get their share in the game box!

More Clear, About MMG
Monopoly Millionaire is an exciting new entry into the NFT market with its own unique charm. As a result, it will soon be widely adopted by many who are looking for an easy way to get started with cryptocurrency or blockchain technology without the need for an expensive computer or internet connection.
MMG is a next-generation blockchain-based global gaming box integrated with NFT games and digital artwork. It also has the functionality of three traditional assets: games, NFT and digital artwork.

What is its mechanism of action?
MMG users are encouraged to exchange and trade NFTs in the game. Unlike traditional games, MMG can give users a sense of ownership of the items they create on the blockchain, which will encourage them to keep playing. With various incentives, players can create their own “secret sauce” for their avatar, and then compete with other players’ avatars in the game.
Users can download MMG from their favorite app store. Beginners will be able to participate in the game through a guided tutorial to learn how to play. Players can choose their own avatar and customize it with NFT purchased from the app store or acquired in-game. For example, they can buy new clothes or buy a new house for their avatar from the shop. Users are encouraged to invite friends to join MMG and share game resources with them. When a new user joins via an invite link, both existing and new users receive tokens as a reward for bringing more people into the ecosystem. Tokens are freely distributed among groups of users via smart contracts, so there is no need for intermediaries like Apple or Google platforms.

Who is the mastermind behind MMG?
Monopoly Millionaire is a product from Longbo Network. The company has been in operation since June 2017, but their first major product release was made in October 2018. They have released three products in total; MMG is their fourth. Although there aren’t many details about the team, they are made up of several individuals with experience working for large companies like Microsoft and Intel. The team also has an advisor who specializes in IPOs and token sales, which gives investors peace of mind that everything will go smoothly as more people get involved with MMG. Given all of these facts, it seems safe to say that Longbo Network is a reliable company with a reputable team working hard behind-the-scenes to make MMG succeed in today’s competitive gaming industry.

How Do I Keep My MMG Tokens Safe?
There are two ways for you to store your MMG tokens. The first is on an PancakeSwap wallet that supports BEP20 tokens such as Metamask, Parity or MyEtherWallet. These wallets are easily accessible from your computer or phone browser. It’s important to keep your private key secure while using these wallets, however if you lose your private key there isn’t any way of recovering it. The second option is an online wallet like Coinomi or Trust Wallet where you can access all of your digital assets through a single provider.
Finally, MMG’s mission to decentralize monopolies and make a change for the gaming industry is bold, even maybe lofty. Like any blockchain project, it will take time to build up a user base large enough that game developers are willing to join the platform. Furthermore, they will have to acquire game developers with outstanding experience in the field as they work towards achieving their goals. But if MMG is able to reach their ambitious goal of creating a more decentralized gaming environment while rewarding their users tokens that can be used in-game, online gaming could become an entirely different experience. Who knows — if this new blockchain superpower is able to reshape the industry over time, it may even be the game changer that reinvents an entire generation of games!

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