OILZ.Finance Changes DeFi Space Via OILZ Auto Staking Protocol

Manti Tarak
5 min readMar 17, 2022

OILZ. Finance uses a decentralized system that makes it easy for users to carry out various types of advanced operations and control over their crypto asset holdings. Funds deposited on the OILZ. Finance platform are subject to a very high level of security based on mathematical principles, ensuring full protection against unauthorized activity.
In addition to the OILZ tokens used to fund various projects, they can be staked and traded. With the recent explosion of DeFi products, clients like Oilz don’t have easy-to-use options for staking and trading assets. Staking is an attractive process for cryptocurrency enthusiasts as it leverages the value of a network that creates trust and cooperation between token holders without going through external institutions or intermediaries.

$OILZ token
The $OILZ token is an ERC20 utility token which allows the holders to receive interest rebates every 15 minutes through a smart contract. The unique feature of this smart contract is that there is only one participant for every single interest rebate. This means that the total amount of interest paid is exactly equal to the total amount of $OILZ tokens in existence.
$OILZ was created by an experienced team of professionals with backgrounds in finance, blockchain technology and software development, who wanted to create a more efficient system for generating returns from crypto assets by providing a simple way for everyone to benefit from interest rebates.

Paying Auto-Staking and Auto-Compounding Protocol with the highest fixed annual percentage yield (APY) in the cryptocurrency space of 498,249 percent.
Interest is compounded daily for each BSC wallet that contains any $OILZ tokens.

Actions Arranged
Decentralized financial asset and platform, Oilz.Finance, uses the OAP protocol to reward users with a sustainable, fixed-interest model.
$OilZ token holders can expect the highest stable returns in crypto with the Oilz Auto-Staking Protocol (OAP), a new financial protocol that makes staking easier and more efficient.

-A fixed APY of 498,249 percent for the first 12 months is offered by OAP for the Oilz.Finance token, which has automatic staking and compounding capabilities. There are many benefits and advantages for Oilz.Finance token holders from the company’s DeFi innovations. The Oilz.Finance token, which makes use of our OAP protocol, offers a number of unique advantages to its owners:

-With Oilz.Finance Insurance Fund Valuation (IFV), 4 percent of all trading fees are stored in the Oilz.Finance Insurance Fund to help maintain and hedge stake rewards while reducing downside risk substantially.

-Oilz.Finance tokens never leave your wallet, so there’s no need to hand them over to a third party or a central authority for staking purposes. A state-of-the-art feature known as the Buy, Hold, and Earn system is offered to $OilZ holders through the Oilz AutoStake feature. You can earn rebase rewards in the form of interest payments simply by purchasing $OilZ and keeping it in your wallet. Every 15 minutes, your tokens will be replenished.

-No need to stake tokens ever again with interest earnings paid automatically. In order to avoid missing a payment, interest income is paid out automatically and accrues interest in your own wallet.
Fixed APY is the highest so far, with Oilz.Finance paying out 498,249 percent in the first year. After the first year, the interest rate drops by a predetermined compound interest rate in eternity..

-Fastest Auto-Compounding Protocol in Crypto: The Oilz.Finance protocol pays each Oilz.Finance token holder every 15 minutes or 96 times a day.

-”The Defenders,” an automatic token burn system, is one of the most exciting features of the Oilz.Finance protocol because it keeps the circulating supply from spiraling out of control and becoming unmanageable. The Defenders lose 3% of all Oilz.Finance Token sales and are wiped out all at once.

One of the OAP’s primary functions is to support its price and recalculate rewards. In order to ensure price stability and the long-term viability of the OilZ protocol, the Insurance Fund Valuation (IFV) is included. This serves as an insurance fund and is distributed to all OilZ tokens every 15 minutes — Owner is paid.

Token OILZ.Finance
OILZ Purchase & Sale Fees
Buy and sell fees on OilZ are a significant component of the OAP. They provide capital for the protocol’s critical functions.
Other protocols sell bonds to fund the same functions as OilZ fees, but we believe this approach is riskier because if bonds are not purchased, the token’s support will erode and the price will spiral downward, as we have seen with several of these bond-based protocols.
Additionally, token holders incur costs when they sell bonds. It limits the amount of APY that can be offered and makes it impossible to offer a stable APY.
The fees (11 percent for buys and 18 percent for sells) enable OilZ to maintain a stable high yield of 498,249 percent annually for $OilZ holders.
Additionally, the high fees benefit OilZ holders because the fees collected support $OilZ holders.

Q1 2021
Technology Consulting
business model
Documentation development (website, whitepaper, gitbook)
Bauphase — Smart Contract
Build-Phase — dApp V1-Dashboard
Deployment Phase — Smart Contract — Testnet
Smart contract review
Deployment Phase — Smart Contract Deployment — Mainnet
Deployment Phase — dApp V1 Dashboard
Announcement of new partnerships
Awareness + Bounty-Kampagnen

Q2 2022
Start of the fair on Pancakeswap
Unicrypt liquidity blocked for 10 years
Pre-Launch-Marketing Coingecko-Auflistung
Coinmarketcap listing
Coin Tracker Listing
Mobile application development for iOS and Android

Q3 2022
Dashboard V2
Partnership DeFi
Cross-chain integration
Launch the mobile app of the alpha version for iOS and Android

Q4 2022
NFT Collections
NFT OAP Project

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