Stabila, A Powerful New Database For Storing Encrypted Sensitive Information

Manti Tarak
3 min readFeb 1, 2022

If you need to store and update sensitive information, Stabila is the database platform for you. Built with the enterprise in mind, it allows you to store information securely with its end-to-end encryption.

With this database, your business will be sure that unauthorized users can’t access your information, providing you with peace of mind.

Stabila is a powerful new database platform that can store and update sensitive information securely with its end-to-end encryption. At the same time, Stabila can provide high read performance for ad hoc queries to give you the insights you need immediately, without compromising security.

Stabila’s XDB datastore enables a rich SQL layer that comes with production-grade monitoring and management tools.

Easily track, manage and share your critical data. Never worry about information becoming corrupted or lost. Stabila even offers a built-in audit trail to track who views and makes changes to your records.

With the Stabila database, you can store and update sensitive information securely. Stabila encrypt your data at every level-storing it with end-to-end encryption, and our database servers are encrypted in situ by Microsoft Windows BitLocker technology.

This way, your data is always protected-even if accessed by unauthorized users.

There is a powerful new database platform, Stabila, that can store and update sensitive information privately and securely.

There are a number of advantages Stabila database has over traditional database systems. One benefit is its powerful encryption system, which can store and update sensitive information securely.

Another one is that it’s database agnostic, meaning it can be connected to a number of database systems

Stabila provides a modern take on database technology with its end-to-end encryption capabilities. Its emphasis on encryption and data security, in addition to a user interface that is easy to use and provides information in an intuitive way, makes it an excellent tool for storing sensitive records.

Heartbleed was a major breach that left many people, businesses and countries at risk. Don’t let a similar situation endanger your sensitive information.

With Stabila’s end-to-end encryption, you don’t have to worry about your information getting in the wrong hands.

From your home repair and remodeling projects to tracking inventory for your business, Stabila is the tool for keeping track of all of the details.

The platform is intuitive, advanced and highly secure. With end-to-end encryption, enterprise-grade security, single sign-on (SSO), and identity management you can rest assured that your information is safe with us.

In Stabila, data is kept in separate layers that are linked by an automatic key generation and verification system. When you need to update the information, it’s updated in only one layer.

This ensures that changes for each user are encrypted separately with their private keys. You can use Stabila to store information like passwords, payment cards, bank accounts and more — it’s ideal for all applications where sensitive information needs securely to be stored and updated.

Say goodbye to complex workarounds and clever tricks. Stabila is the most secure database encryption platform on the market today, with a radically easy user experience for both storage and retrieval of sensitive data.

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