Stabila — Decentralized Carbon Grid

Stabila are excited to announce that our ICO is now live, and the Stabila Network’s currency, the STABILA (STB) token is available for purchase. The STABILA Protocol is decentralized blockchain technology that is designed to serve humanity for centuries to come by means of providing a foundation for a self-sustaining ecosystem that all members of society can contribute to in some way.

It’s based on a series of protocols and programs that work together to make sure the blockchain achieves its goal of providing a secure, permanent and decentralized infrastructure upon which future generations can build upon.

The Stabila Protocol was created to allow every member of society to partake in its continued growth as society as a whole changes and grows. For more information regarding the protocol and its members, visit

The Stabila Protocol decentralizes the power of blockchain technology and allows any member of society to participate in its progression, and earn a fair share of our new asset class. By utilizing blockchain technology to manage its internal activity, Stabila’s Protocol will ensure absolute enforcement of known rules.

The Stabila Protocol provides a way for all members to receive an ongoing yield from the system itself as society continues to grow. This yield, of course, is paid in STABILA coins. The protocol creates an asset class that is projected to grow much larger than Bitcoin — meaning that investment in STABILA represents the opportunity for a solid re-investment strategy over time for your crypto portfolio.

The Stabila Protocol is an open-source, decentralized, blockchain technology that requires the existence of STABILA in order to operate. It was created to improve upon the current state of affairs in which a small number of centralized entities exist and control the world’s population without the support of society.

The Stabila Protocol is the fastest and most decentralized public blockchain in existence. It is a platform that embraces blockchain technology, and allows the everyday user to benefit from it. In essence, it is a sharing of the benefits of blockchain technologies.

The Stabila protocol involves the decentralization of carbon grid technology, and allows all members of society to be privy to this technological revolution.

The Stabila Protocol is a decentralized cryptographic system of data integrity protocols, as well as a cryptocurrency that provides blockchain security and safeguards privacy. The Stabila Protocol allows for the complete decentralization of blockchain-based technology.

The Stabila Decentralized Carbon Grid, built using our blockchain technology, ensures that every person involved in its creation is paid for their efforts. As the grid grows and as more members of society become aware of it, development will continue to improve on this revolutionary system.

goal is to create a decentralized and scalable networking platform for the carbon market that allows for the rapid adoption of Stabila cryptocurrency (STB). This investment opportunity will channel money from major contributors, like global corporations, into smaller organizations involved in plant growth technology.

By being a part of the Stabila family, you will be helping to decentralize the blockchain technology movement. You can expect an exceptionally secure and faster return on your investments as STB assumes a major role in global commerce moving forward.

Stabila is a decentralized open source computing platform, based on blockchain technology, that harnesses the unused computational power of its users. Not only will Stabila decentralize the internet and remove the middleman, but it will also provide an avenue for everyone with a good idea to gain capital and influence.

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Author :

Bitcointalk username : Manti Tarak

Bitcointalk profile url :;u=3398709

Telegram : @mantitarak

STB address: Se8toNEJDRe7C7DbNM3TW8hMLrJNQisC6d




Cryptocurrency, Altcoins Lover, and Bounty Hunter

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Manti Tarak

Manti Tarak

Cryptocurrency, Altcoins Lover, and Bounty Hunter

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