STABILA Public Blockchain Project Focused on Financial Security

Manti Tarak
3 min readJan 16, 2022


Trust Alliance Foundation (TAF) has founded the STARLAB Financial Sector, which uses blockchain technology based on DAPP developers to provide free and unlimited licenses to all DApp developers in the world who want to build one of the first decentralized applications in the Asian financial industry; and even better, all these decentralized applications are both cross-platform and cross-currency (that is, they can be exchanged with various types of digital assets).

STABILA is a public blockchain project focused on security financial services. The goal of STARLAB is to create a high-powered, high-speed, safe and reliable blockchain based on the DAPP developers platform. This platform enables all DApp developers in the world to receive free licenses and unlimited access to blockchain technology to develop DApps in the financial sector. In addition, the consortium’s technology can support more than one currency and cross-platform.

The Trust Alliance Foundation (TAF) has founded the STARLAB Project to change the centralized financial industry. The platform based on block chain technology will be open and free.

We provide all the public support systems that users need, including basic stable digital assets services, currency exchange services, monetary system, lending and credit management services, etc. users can use STARLAB wallet to handle digital assets of different types and different currencies through a unified account window; Users can also get a loan with collateral assets or digital assets by digital assets as security or group apply loan or small business credit through our partnership agreements with banks; Users can transfer money internationally via instant remittance at any time with very low transaction fees.

STABILA is a public blockchain project focused on financial security. TAF has built the STARLAB Financial Sector, which is an era when several thousand developers and millions of users use DApps to share global financial services. We welcome you to participate in this project and work with us to build a better world through blockchain technology.

TAF is a solidary and technology-oriented foundation, set up by high-quality professionals who have strong engineering capabilities, profound experience in the financial sector, and years of successful entrepreneurial management. TAF aims to build out the STARLAB Financial Sector by combining innovative technologies with the world’s leading blockchain services.

STABILA consists of the Blockchain Trust Alliance (BTA), a decentralized blockchain platform, and the LabChain, a public blockchain platform; it is expected to be the world’s first Blockchain Open Lab for the financial sector. During this era, you can use the DAPP developed by STARLAB to safely store your money and data online.

TAF STABILA is a public blockchain project that has been built to address financial security. By utilizing a combination of blockchain technology and digital assets, TAF STARLAB aims to establish a trusted environment for financial service users.

Trust Alliance Foundation (TAF) is a non-profit public blockchain project focused on building a financial services platform for the public good, based on a security protocol that does not rely on centralization. This innovative protocol provides an easy and straightforward way to protect all kinds of data from hackers, making transaction records encrypted and tamper-proof.


We want to provide the financial services industry with a new cross-platform decentralized financial application, which allows all users of physical currency and digital assets who are in legal areas across all Asian countries to complete cross-currency, P2P trade instantly, with low commissions and safer transaction confirmation.

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