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Manti Tarak
4 min readJan 9, 2022

You’re going to hear a lot of buzzwords, here’s some key ones:cryptocurrency, decentralized, blockchain. Let’s break them down. In simple terms, cryptocurrency is just money that is stored on the internet. It couldn’t be easier. Decentralized means the problem of centralization has been solved, allowing a new way for the internet to flourish.

Blockchain will do for you what it did for the banking industry, but earlier and better. Stabila already doing it better.

The Stabila Token (STB) is powered by the Stabila Protocol. This protocol is all about the sharing of blockchain technology and its benefits. STABILA cryptocurrency (STB), which powers the Stabila Protocol, allows every member of society to partake in its continued growth as society as a whole changes and grows.

The Stabila cryptocurrency (STB) is a profit-making cryptocurrency that allows every member of society to partake in its continued growth as society as a whole changes and grows. The benefits of this type of currency, not just for users, but for all types of organizations, cannot be understated. If you’re looking for a way to be on the cutting edge, look no further than STB.

Our STABILA cryptocurrency (STB) will change the world as we know it into a better more secure place. It will remove the middle man from most all transactions which is great for business. A smoother operation in trading and commerce will be realized with our Stabila Protocol system.

The power of blockchain is not just about the security but about the decentralized system that it contains.

The Stabila Protocol is a blockchain-based system that allows users to access the technological advancements of recent years, while also allowing them to profit from their contributions to it. By simply using software, anyone can use and share Stabila services, and earn STABILA tokens.

This sharing mechanism will grow the entire Stabila ecosystem, benefiting all users regardless of their personal level of participation

The Stabila Protocol is the evolution of cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized blockchain technology that allows every individual to have access to secure, private and anonymous transactions for each time they use the currency in any form. By utilizing this technology individuals will have multiple options for financial freedom and profit making opportunities.

This puts third party solutions at the forefront of technology, allowing individuals to create their own opportunities rather than depend on costly services from banks and other financial institutions.

The Stabila Protocol is a decentralized, open software platform. The protocol will allow everyone to participate directly. In the 21st century, everything runs on software; where you live, what you do, who your money belongs to, even how well you are educated. For the first time in history, our society has the ability to grow and be more inclusive thanks to technology and people’s access to it.

Consisting of three components, the Stabila Protocol is a software layer for smart devices, an anti-counterfeit material, and a cryptocurrency built into an open-sourced blockchain. Acting as a decentralized database for blockchain technology, the Stabila Protocol works with any device to allow users to have quick access to authentic data.

The Stabila Token cryptocurrency is the next generation of cryptocurrency. This token allows every person to reap the same benefits and profits from owning an investment piece.

Stabila Tokens (STB) are part of a new generation of cryptocurrency. A groundbreaking technological step forward in the functional use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to enhance and support the growth of society.

Stabila is for profit making crypto currency that you could use to buy the services it provides and will make profits from the results of those transactions.

The Stabila app is designed to be the most user-friendly and safe in the marketplace. It is equipped with an easy-to-use interface and full of great features, such as: a personalize dashboard, complete wallet control, flexible invitation capabilities and an intuitive navigation.

Stabila has been designed to be easily accessible across all devices, whether it’s a desktop, a laptop or a smartphone, Stabila had you covered.

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