STABLAs Protocol is a Decentralized Alternative to Traditional Banking

Manti Tarak
4 min readJan 9, 2022


Participate in the Stabila Protocol, the future of decentralized banking. This program allows everyone to be a part of this technology and its growth for many years to come. STABILA cryptocurrency (STB), derived from the Stabila Protocol, is broken down into coins/tokens. You may choose to hold your tokens or start using them on our platform as soon as it launches

The Stabila Protocol is a decentralized bank and exchange, one that is owned by its community of users and is built on the blockchain. It has taken the traditional principles of banks and exchanges and modernized them to be adaptable, secure and useful for anyone in the world.

The STABILA cryptocurrency (STB) powers The Stabila protocol, and allows users to hold, send, receive and spend their STB funds all through an easy to use interface.

You have probably heard of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that use blockchain technology. The idea behind using the blockchain is that each transaction is approved by users, not banks or any centralized organization. We are excited to tell you about the Stabila Protocol, a new way to share this technology with everyone.

The Stabila Protocol (STB) is a decentralized, open-source, and public blockchain protocol that rewards people for using cryptocurrency and using the protocol in their daily lives. The Stabila Protocol aims to provide exposure to all users to cryptocurrency without having to go through the expense of purchasing it while at the same time, providing Blockchain technology and associated benefits to society at large.

The Stabila Protocol is an open blockchain used to share Stabila mining power and Stabila coins. The first decentralized global blockchain that will make transactions faster, more secure and less expensive than ever before. Major corporations can benefit from becoming a part of the Stabila Protocol by implementing it into their current businesses or creating new businesses based on the Stabila Protocol.

At Stabila, believe that in order to advance society as a whole and make it stronger, every person in society should be able to enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Thats why were creating the Stablla Protocol: a decentralized financial system that allows for safe, fast payments without any middlemen.

The Stabila Protocol is the world’s first decentralized banking system with a native cryptocurrency, transparent governance and community-based development. The Stabila Protocol facilitates decentralized lending and payment transactions. This gives people back control over their financial lives. It uses blockchain technology to provide support for differing ways of living in diverse societies that are better suited for human well being than the current system.

Stabila are passionate about innovation and the Stabila Protocol, the whitepaper of which can be found here. The Stabila Protocol is a decentralized alternative to traditional banking. It has been developed with the intention of mitigating concerns that have become prevalent in today’s banking world, such as privacy, ownership, and information blackouts. With the Stabila Protocol, these issues are eliminated.

peer-to-peer banking and financial services that work for all. It does this using a combination of smart contracts, blockchain technology and an open-source protocol in a scalable, trusted and decentralized manner. If you are interested in joining us, simply deposit your fiat currency into the Stabila bank to receive the amount of STB required to purchase one of our products.

The Stabilla Protocol is a superior peer-to-peer lending platform that removes the need for “trusted” third parties. By leveraging blockchain technology, the Stabila Protocol provides a decentralized alternative to traditional banking.

STABILA is a distributed network and helps individuals, cryptocurrency traders, miners, investors, entrepreneurs and businesses all over the world to create a decentralized, trustworthy and accessible system of digital trust. We have created the Manifesto of STABILA . It contains an implementation plan for the coming five years.

Everyone can be a part of it and support it by becoming a member of the growing STABILA family.

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