Swapult: Decentralized Cross Chain Synthetics and Auctions

Manti Tarak
4 min readJan 21, 2022

Swapult’s blockchain network allows crypto trading markets to be “crossed” using the power of decentralized liquidity management, increasing the liquidity and efficiency of cross-chain trading. This system will bring significant improvement in overall market performance, reduce spreads and make markets less volatile for all participants.

Swapult is proposed as a solution to the fee market problem by alleviating decentralized exchanges from the issues that plagued centralized exchanges and using escrows.

Swapukt will offer a unique solution to the liquidity problem existing in virtually all New economy applications by allowing its users to sell assets on chain. Swap will enable non-fungible tokens, a new standard of crypto-economics, and an increased degree of privacy within our markets.

Swapult has set up a high performance blockchain cross-chain swapping protocol, a distributed ledger mining protocol, and a smart contract protocol. This enables many similar ERC20 tokens such as ETH, EOS, TRX and others to be merged into one token pool. Token pool transaction data is stored in blockchain and processed via programming scripts.

With the use of smart contracts and appropriate technologies (such as trust storage mechanism and deposit collection mechanism), the platform can support multiple categories of cross-chain operations including OTC trading and live auctions.

The Swaption is a decentralized layer-3 swapping cross-chain liquidity management platform based on defi infrastructure for token pools and auctions. The swapult protocol, which is the first platform to unlock full potential of defi system using a decentralized crossing chain synthetics and bridges.

Swap protocol is live and its main net is coming in the first half of 2019… Swapult will be the decentralized layer 3 swapping cross chain liquidity management platform based on defi infrastructure for token pools and auctions.

Swapult protocol is a decentralized layer-3 swapping cross-chain liquidity management platform using defi infrastructure (token pool). Swapping, liquidity sharing, and trustless auctions can be used by existing ERC 20 tokens at the moment.

For NEO Smart Contract projects in need of decentralized token exchanges, off chain cross chain swap service is available for immediate deployment. Cross chain conversion protocols are all deployed on open source principles to assist other platforms like QTUM Cosmos Steller to achieve decentralized assets swaps, transactions and payment channels alike.

Swapult is a decentralized cryptocurrency liquidity pool based on the infrastructure of Defi multi-assets hybrid engine. SwapULT was developed with the goal of increasing the profit potential of asset holders, allowing them to receive dividends on their assets as well as spend them at a later date.

Swapult seeks to create a decentralized layer-3 cross chain synthetics and auction protocol which will be used as one of the core components and also a key building block in a bigger system. The solution is based on the Swafpult Protocol where synthetic tokens can be created to represent assets that exist on other chains.

These assets can then be called at their native chain addresses so there is no need for trust between protocols or platforms, only trust between asset holders.

Swapult is about unlocking the potential of defi infrastructure. With Swapult protocol, anyone will be able to buy and sell tokens from any chain to any chain. Whether you’re a big or small token pool, Swapult has a place for you. You can build upon our smart contracts to offer any token from your own chain or from other chains through the decentralized aggregated order book in our protocol.

SwapULT will help you to create a SmartDefi which is a Decentralized Deferred Sale Contract for the global marketplace. The SmartDefi will allow anyone and everyone to move their funds from one ERC-20 Token to another ERC-20 at any time period of their choosing in the future while locking in any amount of discount they want.

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