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The New 3D NFT Community on Lepasa

Lepasa completed a R&D project that was well received in the community. The concepts were successfully tested and the final version was launched.

According to the report about NFT released by Dragonchain, NFT projects will be brought to more than 182 countries and regions, and the total reach of NFT will extend to over 5.7 billion users. A lot of projects of all types have been launched by projects of different levels.

At the same time, Lepasa does not directly work with all projects and platforms for NFT trading and instead gives priority to accurately and thoroughly analyzing the content of all related parties and determining the reliability of the market. After reviewing hundreds of new assets on a daily basis, we can ensure that we’ll provide appropriate support to our users

Plans have been made, and we have progress. After a successful launch of the online community Lepasa, a new NFT community will be created to serve as a forum for a large number of users interested in this kind of asset transaction platform. This NFT-type ecosystem is expected to grow rapidly based on the positive progress achieved through the Lepasa online community.

The launch of 3D NFT Community on Lepasa was an important milestone for most institutions and institutions to make NFT easier and convenient with existing community platforms such as WeChat, Alipay and Bank transfer. Of course we will continue the 3D NFT promotion and we will better bring this strong treasure to more people in the world.

3D NFT is a small-scale one of its kind community created by Lepasa, which is also pushing Lepasa’s own 3D NFT products & services. The first community on Twitter supporting equity token-based models, Lepasa aims to promote the development of 3D NFT through the exchange of ideas and the 2nd generation of NFT applications.

News on NFT projects, news on exchanges or even dApps will be distributed to the members.

For new users to enter the NFT industry, the first thing they will need is a good description of how it works. For this, Lepasa 3D’s manual can be a large help. In this manual, all aspects of NFT transaction procedures are described clear and concisely, for those who do not have abundant knowledge in some areas.

Thousands of companies and millions of consumers worldwide use the traditional Japanese NFT application system, “We☆bit”. Lepasa’s 3D NFT application is a next generation business internet platform that utilizes the security and trust features inherent in NFT.

Until now, most NFT applications were limited to the market of “Minecraft” and the “League of Legends” MMO casual game. Lepasa aims to be a mass-market business application platform embracing not just simulation and games, but also mobile and VR real life entertainment and advertising.

We’re glad to announce the launch of the 3D NFT Community on Lepasa, a NFT platform that will offer detailed explanations of both common and new NFT solutions. Lepasa will expand the range of services available to our followers more effectively, with richer commentary on network applications, tokenizing existing assets, new advancements in NFT technology, and more! Please see our full landing page for more information.

NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens are digital tokens that represent unique items, such as cryptocurrencies or works of art. The new 3D NFT Community on Lepasa is a decentralized ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain aimed at supporting the growth of the NFT industry.

It will make it easier for users to collaborate, create and manage 3D coins, and attribute them to the items they represent, creating a tokenized economy based on NFTs.

The NFT Market is the first community for investing NFT by Lepasa, a 3D printing platform designed for artists and business. We accept all the NFT provided by Lepasa and place it up for sale on our platform, ensuring liquidity and efficiency to everyone involved.

The latest meme has swept the cryptocurrency world: NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital asset that lives on blockchain and represents digital goods through the use of smart contracts. These platforms have experienced rapid growth in recent years, and by 2018 will be worth $1 billion according to research conducted by Grayscale Investments and CoinDesk.

What’s more is that NFTs represent an enormous market opportunity: they can be used to represent ownership over physical items such as art, collectibles, real estate and more! On Lepasa we believe that this is just beginning of NFTs’ adoption into our daily

Lepasa has experienced rapid growth to become one of the leading companies in the NFT industry.

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