This is How You Would Go about making Real Money with Copuppy

Manti Tarak
3 min readNov 11, 2021

The Copuppy dapp is a chance to exchange esteem tokens created in cooperation with designers or or else. The Copuppy dapp is straightforward, intemperate and empowered by engineers to be utilized by anybody.

Stage 1: Copuppy is a gatherer space for designers and all in all stream of development care professional such as such as back, design, mechanical production and building, an arrange to the real world. With the blockchain gives designers — produced for Copuppy token holders all rewards from their work. is a 2 in 1 online chance and a dapp a stage, populated with a huge number of designers from all-around the globe. It is a smart contract stage where anybody can win cash while having fun with his own particular diversion thoughts.

Here, the people can employ other people’s workmanship to execute his own venture while offering others the opportunity to be compensated every time he will add to other individuals’ causes.

With Copuppy, you can collaborate with designers! Designers can request their imaginative data to be appropriated, after which you can agreeably concur with them to get the duty in exchange for Copuppy tokens.

To profit with the Copuppy token is considerably simple. Reproduce your picture or video, distribute it through our dapp, get reviews and buy reviews to get reviews back. When you get reviews all around, you will start getting tokens regularly with 0% charge.

If you act with protocol, you will get Copuppy Reviews family association advantageously.

Apply for your chance to win $100,000 USD in this contest! Choose from two pattern occasions: 30 days and 90 days. The guarantee is 10x, which implies you would get back $1,000,000 USD 100x the measure of your investment! This dapp is a sure opportunity to prepare or speculate on BNB through Copuppy’s — free and safe to download — association with Binance.

Copuppy is one of the principal shrewd contract used to improve productivity for venders. The thought has prompted fives in view of an essential expectation in expansion in cryptocurrency specialties., the blockchain dapp to duplicate your duplicate

Copuppy is an application that rewards people with Ethereum token (ERC20) each time they share their imagination. Essentially, the process is to make a picture inspired by prompt cards. The inspiration can be anything (images can be found on the Internet).

The only requirement is that he must be prompt card associated with the theme of the day.

With Copuppy’s Licensed Strategic Partnership Program, the sky is the limit. Invest in our FUTURE ICOs and earn revenue with every successful funding! Each successful funding will bring you additional returns, based on how early you invest! Invest in numerous ICOs at once, and still collect your return; it’s that easy.

Copuppy is a decentralized marketing platform that offers marketing tools (web view, landing page, advertising code) and an ad market. Through Copuppy, you can attract users to your marketing tools and place your ads with revenues sharing set by yourself.

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