Trophy Is An Innovative Blockchain Platform To Raise The Value Of Tokenized Assets.

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Have you ever heard of the two-phase staking model? Now that’s something to brag about. Most blockchain platforms only allow for the use of one protocol at a time-either Proof of Work or Proof of Stake. Any cryptocurrency expert will tell you that one of their most valuable assets is their ability to scale. Finally, TROPHY can witness real-world use cases that satisfy a big demand and provide a platform for Auto staking protocols to achieve exponential returns because individuals are eager to supply their money to the financial markets.
It becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish between tokens that are worthless and tokens that are worthless. TROPHY tokens are here for you. This issue can be addressed with TROPHY token protocols.

What is TROPHY?
Trophy is a revolutionary and unique blockchain platform that allows for the use of two different cryptocurrency systems at the same time. It is possible to stake these tokens in order to raise their value.

Trophy Utility
Trophy Farm and Staking — In TROPHY, Dapp has combined the best of both worlds by integrating the Swap exchange with a user friendly interface, providing a personalized experience for every investor. With this Ecosystem is created to be international in nature, decentralized with a mix of brain and brawn, and made personal for every user.

The Dapp Dashboard is the heart of this experience — with updates and community involvement, it consists of a Swap Exchange with a user-friendly interface that allows holders to view rewards generated in real-time.

Trophy Swap DEX — Trophy is a simple app platform, just connect your wallet and start staking and earning 1.2% daily for 365 days auto compound to earn up to 850% APR. Trophy has a stable APY for TAP-based stakers.

Earning the Trophy farming platform is an easy way to increase our token liquidity. With this platform, users can connect their wallets with the help of this simple app and start earning trophies with the Trophy farming platform.

It is TROPHY Rewards Mechanism.
Using the TROPHY token, users can receive a reward directly on the blockchain. Incentivizing users to cling on to and purchase more TROPHY tokens. As it stands, most current loyalty programs fail to take into account the experience of their customers, are constantly scrutinized by centralized authorities, and have high operating expenses. By creating a truly safe, transparent, decentralized, and low-cost platform, TROPHY has overcome this issue.

Is the community in charge of the Trophy Token Protocols?
The economy denoted by the $TROPHY token serves an essential purpose as a component of the infrastructure of the network. It contributes to the overall efficiency of the operations that are carried out on the network, helping to improve their efficacy. In addition to this, it utilizes a token economy that is deflationary, which further contributes to the overall effectiveness of its market. It’s possible that you’ve already heard this a thousand times, but TROPHY.IO is going to revolutionize the entire industry.

The following are some of the Protocols for Trophy Tokens’ Features:
A. Cross-Chain Bridge
Trophy Token Protocols Also Fungtion to cross-chain bridge makes working with different assets simple for You and this functionality includes high-level security features, reduced gas costs, and increased transaction speeds.

B. Swapping and Staking
Connect your wallet and start trading, staking, and earning with our simple app platform.

C. Trophy Insurance Fund (TIF)
The Trophy Protocol’s long-term viability is ensured by the TIF, which functions as an insurance fund.

D. Trophy Treasury
The Treasury provides assistance to the TIF in the event of a precipitous decline in the price of $TROPHY tokens. Additionally, the Treasury funds investments, new Trophy projects, and Trophy marketing.

E. The Furnace
1.5 percent of all traded $TROPHY are destroyed in the Furnace. The more that is traded, the more are thrown into the Furnace, forcing it to grow in size, so decreasing the circulating supply and stabilizing the Trophy procedure.

Name: Trophy
Ticker: TROPHY
Trophy Smart Contract: 0xBaAd7173c7eDd91269F52c32c1d98B523e1852e4
Total Supply: 280,000 $Trophy
Locked: 90,600 $Trophy
Public Hold: 120,000
Staking Liquidity: 40,000
Airdrop and Bounty: 10,000
Marketing: 15,000


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