Udego Finance & The Rise Of A New Digital Monetary System

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The critical problem is how to make a safe and secure, decentralized, and trustless monetary system capable of carrying out transactions in various measureable value units, which can also be designed to maintain the exchange value of each type of unit over time.

There are many ways to reach this goal by varying degrees. The proposed concept behind Udego Finance is only one possibility among many and also serves as an experiment in monetary exchange.

Financial exchanges are changing on the World Wide Web through the advent of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. One such cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, which has encountered volatile value and many other difficulties. Udego Finance is a new digital monetary project that attempts to overcome these issues through the use of a shared database rather than a blockchain.

Today we live in an extraordinary time of financial innovation. Around the globe economies are in varying states of turmoil and uncertainty. More people than ever before are searching for innovative solutions to these pressing issues.

Udego Finance is a monetary framework with the potential to enable faster, simpler and more secure global exchanges that rely on key features of digital monetary software. In this article we ask ‘What kind of money do we really want?’ and answer by presenting a potential future that is based on increased trust in computers, mathematics and people.

Udego Finance, a Chicago-based startup, is responsible for the conceptual framework behind the Hypernetwork. This innovation in digital monetary systems proposes an alternative to current blockchain technology by proposing a Network Database that utilizes its own language protocol for universally exchanging and tracking information.

This new framework cuts out intermediaries and helps to eliminate inefficiencies related to currency exchange.

Udego Finance is a 24/7 global monetary system designed to allow residents of the planet Earth to connect and transact securely. It is our vision that one day all of the following will be possible (and more): • You can make secure peer-to-peer transactions with anyone, anywhere · You can own your identity and securely transact online · You can send your money as easily as email

Udego Finance is a new financial system and monetary exchange network — one idea amongst many in the cryptocurrency space. It’s not a guarantee.

Udego Finance is a money protocol that is built on top of the infrastructure of the Internet. The decentralized protocol enables transactions between multiple users in a way that is verifiable but doesn’t require trust. A powerful aspect of Udego Finance is the fact that it can be used as a store of value.

The limitation of other cryptocurrencies is their inability to be stored and used for trade over long periods of time due to inflation issues. The implementation of a monetary system such as Udego Finance can eliminate this issue entirely.

Udego Finance aims to be the first global digital currency that may operate independent of any 3rd party. Think Uber — but for money. This first implementation is essentially a new money system using digital currency and distributed computing that is powered by an application called the Udego Wallet that functions like a monetary Web browser.

Udego Finance is to be a platform supporting a new type of monetary system. It is not to be an enterprise, government or other organization that offers currency units as this would make them vulnerable to regulation. Like Bitcoin, Udego Finance is designed as an open source concept and will rely on the efforts of all its adopters.

In order to achieve this vision, the team adopted a concept that is already well known and most certainly space age, as far as money is concerned: the so-called Shared Ledger Technology. The result of this innovative approach is a platform that gives its users full control over their accounts, reduces costs by up to 100%, provides an industry-leading transparency in account handling, and offers users new features for the future development that are commonly found in many other scenarios but have never been offered in money transfers before.

Imagine a new model for money and credit that has no central authority, is private and secure by default, is instantly transferable and available anywhere in the world, can integrate with other financial systems, offers full monetary anonymity to every user (not just with cryptocurrencies), has instant micro-payments between any account holders without the need for bank accounts or consumer credit, and can be denominated in any unit of account (not just artificial monies like Bitcoin or fiat currencies).

To find out more information about Udego, please visit the page below :
Website — https://udego.finance/
Whitepaper — https://udegofinance.gitbook.io/udego-finance/social-accounts
Telegram — https://t.me/UdegoFinance​
Twitter — https://twitter.com/UdegoFinance​
Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/UdegoFinance​
Reddit — https://www.reddit.com/r/UdegoFinance​
Medium — https://udegofinance.medium.com/​
YouTube — https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfQen7asIoWe_GLDtz_hQ7

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