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Cryptocurrency has become the most profitable asset to date. If you want to invest for the long term, cryptocurrencies are your best choice as they consistently provide good returns. When it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, the best strategy is to get in early. Investing in new altcoins is significantly more profitable than in more established crypto assets.
New emerging cryptocurrencies are more profitable because they offer solutions to more of the current problems and because they have more development projects ahead of them.
As a result, our project focuses on cryptocurrencies that are still in their infancy, but with interesting qualities.
The first commercially viable blockchain has been built using EQBR technology. As a result, the main network with high operational speed and stability will be placed. The scalability of public blockchains may be limited. Scaling public Volare, on the other hand, is a reality. Volare is an important technological breakthrough as it is the first commercial blockchain network. The scalability and speed of the Equilibrium technology is critical to the Volare project.

To be precise Volare is
As the first commercially viable blockchain network based on the scalability qualities and speed of Equilibrium, Volare represents a significant technological advancement. Building a real commercial blockchain ecosystem starts with aspirations like these.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
Blockchain is becoming one of the most powerful technologies in this digital age Volare live in. There are countless decentralized applications (DApps) being built on different blockchains but not many of them have a solid payment system which allows users to buy and sell their products or services easily. Volare​ ​decentralized exchange (DEX) is a feature developed to address this problem and offers several advantages over centralized exchanges. Centralized Exchange (CEX) are cryptocurrencies exchange where all your assets and details are under the central server system. This makes it vulnerable to hackers, as you have to trust them to keep your data safe.

Features Volare:
Powered by cutting-edge technology, this project stands out from the others.
To achieve 4,500 TPS and less than three seconds for block generation and confirmation on the Equilibrium engine, the High Performance Volare Network was used, resulting in an entirely new blockchain platform that can compete with existing financial institutions. Additionally, the Equilibrium engine takes into account a number of commercial factors, including storage, stability, and speed.
Using a microservices design, the Equilibrium engine is divided into numerous Microchains inside a single network. There are separate ledgers for each business domain, with smart contracts utilized to build a single micro-chain for all transactions. As a result, errors and loads are isolated inside each micro-chain, reducing the number of interdependent services and enhancing system scalability to fit the needs of the business.
New applications for blockchain technology, such as the microservice architecture, will emerge as a result of this change in network structure, which will accelerate the commercialization of blockchain technology.

Architecture based on Micro-chains
The microservice architecture is used by the Equilibrium engine, and the engine itself is segmented into numerous micro-chains that are all part of the same network. Each business domain has its own database on the ledger, and the logic is meant to function as a single micro-chain by using smart contracts to match transactions. This eliminates the correlation between various services by isolating failures and loads that occur between each micro-chain. Additionally, it provides scalability by providing the ability to upgrade to system performance that is commensurate with the requirements of the business domain.
This modification to the structure of the network will not only result in the production of numerous application points in the realm of blockchain technology, such as the innovation made possible by the microservice architecture, but it will also directly lead to an acceleration in the process of blockchain technology’s commercialization.


▪️The maximum number of tokens that can be issued is capped at 1.8 billion tokens.

▪️ Private Sale- 15%

▪️ Public Sale- 5%

▪️ R&D- 25%

▪️ Reserve- 40%

▪️ Marketing ( Airdrop etc)- 5%

▪️ Team & Partner- 8%

▪️ Advisor- 2%


Volare decision to be the standard for a commercial network built on top of Equilibrium scalability qualities means that any project using Volare will enjoy the same benefits, allowing for more complex and faster network processing, and more funds being sent quickly. This is due to the strength of balance computing as it allows for some functions such as node vaults and other off-chain functions.

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