Welcome To The World Of Horgi Token

Manti Tarak
3 min readJan 31, 2022


The HORGI Token are thrilled to introduce HORGI Token, the newest dog themed memecoin on Binance Smart Chain. Just like your friendly neighborhood Horgi, the Token is here to empower everyone and make sure everyone has a wallet full of pups.

Horgi Token was created with an aim to make blockchain technology available for everybody, which is why we’re starting from the tokenizing of your favorite pets(Dogs). As a non-fungible token, it can be used to represent real live dogs or just as a cute pet on your mobile phone.

If you enjoy Horgi memes and want to support their creation while having a little fun buying, sending and receiving CryptoCurrency then Welcome to the World of Horgi.

The HORGI Token is the newest dog memecoin to hit the Binance Smart Chain on DeFi. This token has all the features that you have come to expect from a high quality BSC memetoken including 1 minute block time, 3% tx and 7% token burn for each transaction.

Through decentralized governance, it makes possible rapid content funding and transactions to ensure an optimal platform for users. the HORGI Token welcome you to join in helping make HORGIs a long-lasting open source project for everyone to benefit from.

Own the first ERC token for tokens. Not only does this token own another ERC Token, it also is a fun loving community built around memes and stories to share with friends, family and co-workers.

The HORGI token is another animal themed BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain that just got listed Dec 16. The HORGI dog is similar to the PEMBI breed in some ways, small, and playful. Checkout the website listed below for more information about these two breeds to see if the HORGI is for you.

The Horgi is a very energetic dog, and even though it is also very small, so don’t let his size fool you! He loves to play and romp around for hours on end. The Horgi token uses the BEP-20 protocol which means it is built on the Binance blockchain.

This meme coin was created to try and bring smiles to peoples faces, we tried our best during this development process and are truly excited to share it with everyone ! Let’s make this rocket !!!

Buy HORGI Tokens to have your own dog-themed meme token and join a fun loving community that embraces everyone. Our product is owned by its enthusiastic community and will be integrated with a wide range of applications which will enable you to use tokens as a mode of payment.

Creating true value for all of its users, HORGI is a decentralized dog themed Crypto Token. Owned by its community and for its community. Perfect for trading with your friends on your playground or to be purchased at local pet stores worldwide.

The Horgi token vividly illustrates the heart and soul of community. Horgi token were created as a result of a Bitcoin Adoption Campaign that was run by the Horgi Dog Foundation in 2017.

The Adoption Campaign has showcased that the Horgi community is an open and welcoming one with an enthusiasm to assist others in their journey through life.

Information Details

Website: https://horgitoken.org/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/horgitoken

Telegram: https://t.me/horgitoken

Whitpaper: https://horgitoken.org/HORGI%20Token%20whitepaper.pdf

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