What Is Moorex Token? A New Community Based DeFi Token Leaving Empowering The Economy

Manti Tarak
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Welcome to the Moorex token new economy. We are committed to being a global and decentralized community of charitable donors. Our team is located in Phoenix, Arizona and Austin, Texas, USA. Moorex donation platform will be launched October 15th at 5pm EST. This will be an ultimately ambitious platform for charity.

Spearheaded by a talented and experienced team of visionaries who are driven by the benefits of charity in helping those who need it most. We thank you for joining us on this journey.

All donations made through our platform will directly fund several tax exempt charities around the world as well as business grants from the company itself.

The public launch of our donation platform has been heavily pushed back on multiple occasions due to security concerns but we are confident in our ability and our product to develop a sustainable business model in 2019 and beyond.

Let’s face it, the finance industry is full of fraud. What we have here is a token that aims to cut into all that fraud and present a clean and transparent economy to the entire world.

Moorex token will first be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain and on Binance Smart Chain.

The issuance system doesn’t rely on a specific smart contract but utilizes all available smart contracts, which makes manipulation much more difficult. It uses a decentralized distribution system with eligibility determined by time, vesting time, or ownership of at least one ETH.

What is Moorex token?

Moorex token is a community focused, multi-chain DeFi token that provides digital currency based on Ethereum blockchain technology and enables the ability to use the new digital money. It is an open, fair and transparent digital currency that brings you benefits.

For example, you can follow your own transactions spread by multiple digital currency transactions on the blockchain.

Moorex is a community oriented multi chain DeFi token, Moorex token will empower the global finance economy. Moorex token is running on the Ethereum blockchain with smart contract transfers and will be moving to Binance chain after 3–4 months.

The maximum supply of Moorex tokens is 100 billion and traded on both exchanges. A 1% transaction fee is distributed among all token holders depending on its circulating supply.

Moorex token is a community focused multi-chain DeFi token that aims to help the blockchain community. The self sustaining economy will give incentives and rewards to users and business in the blockchain industry.

Users receive 1% of transaction fee paid from every transaction based on their number of MOX holdings.

A charity wallet receives up to 1% on any transaction made with Moorex token. This means that Moorex token has the potential to make everyone rich. Join us today!

New community based DeFi token, Moorex Token, is the first philanthropic cryptocurrency that leaves the Wall Street tradition of high-speed trading behind leaving the traditional institutions. This anti-capitalism DeFi coin aims to bring transparency and anonymity back into charity.

Every transaction on the blockchain is verified by five or more nodes, Moorex token uses zero knowledge proof technology to guarantee anonymity, speed, reliability and scalability.

Moorex token seeks to bring transparency and anonymity into the charity with the first use case of a DeFi token to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and charity.

Moorex are anticipating more use cases going forward, in which Moorex will reach its full potential by having a trustworthy finance system that empowers not only the economy, but also leads to innovating businesses.

Moorex token is a decentralized finance project that aims to create a platform for charity organizations, donors and general public. This Moorex token a community driven decentralized finance aiming to take advantage of blockchain with the goal of disrupting traditional charity funding platforms.

This is a token with low risk and high reward opportunity.

Your one-stop DeFi token, Moorex’s mission is to build a community based upon charity, peer to peer lending, margin lending, collateral backed loans and merchant processing platforms.

The Moorex platform is set to be totally transparent and anonymous including the immediate transaction of debt repayment while creating a sustainable income source through continuous

Moorex token leaves empowering the economy for everyone by offering charity to the unfortunate globally. The coin transaction tax that is received from all transaction of Moorex token is distributed among the entire platform and drastically lowers on the price per coin per unit, therefore being able to purchase goods at a low cost without losing money from it.

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