What is STABILA?

Stand up straight, the STABILA protocol is the decentralized solution. It’s a story of integrity and people joining forces in a true community effort. The STABILA token (STB) is essential to get any DApp in the ecosystem to work. As a decentralized solution, Stabila can grow and change as society changes.

The Stabila Protocol is all about the sharing of blockchain technology and its benefits. STABILA cryptocurrency (STB), which powers the Stabila Protocol, allows every member of society to partake in its continued growth as society as a whole changes and grows.

Stabila is a trustless Blockchain-based social media platform. Join us in our community, and experience the STABILA movement as we grow from just a token to a real ecosystem.

STABILA is a decentralized solution to help fix the major issues our society faces today. STB can be earned by helpful actions in society and used to support those in need. Testbeds are open-source protocols that provide an environment where people can come together and provide solutions to real issues, earning STB tokens in the process.

You’ve heard about the Blockchain, but what is it for? You can buy and sell digital currency, but what else can you do with it? How does this impact you and your family? The STABILA Platform allows you to come together and build decentralized applications by pooling your resources together. And if it makes sense, why not have a token (STB) that runs on the blockchain? In fact, why not have a lot of tokens that run on multiple blockchains! STABILA will be one of them.

Blockchain revolutionizes everything and everyone can be a part of it. There are many projects that aim to replace centralized organizations with decentralized teams. However, it gets complicated when there is an incentive for cheating or creating bad incentives for the new system. This is where stabiLa comes in. Stabila is a dApp (decentralized application) that offers its own token (STB). It has been designed from scratch using smart contracts integrated with fiat currency APIs to ensure the best real-world use case for an ecosystem without disrupting the current one.

We are here at a pivotal point in human history. We are just scratching the surface of what a decentralized protocol can do. Now let’s change the world. Join our movement by purchasing STABILA tokens, get DAPPS, and grow with us as we enter into a new age for humanity.

STABILA is a decentralized protocol that allows anyone in the world to form and participate in any economic activity they desire, via an autonomous token-based economy. With any individual able to create and join economies of their choosing, STABILA has the potential to streamline global trade by cutting out the middleman.

STABILA COIN (STB) is the first token incentivizing and building a decentralized solution to disrupt the online content marketplace. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, STABILA COIN is an ERC20 token that provides frictionless access to a new paradigm in content creation and distribution. Content is provided directly from creators to consumers and every transaction occurs automatically through smart contracts.

This is facilitated by using an open-source platform for all data storage, called IPFS.

Our decentralized mechanism for rewarding the production of Stabila tokens is an innovative solution to an age old problem in resource ownership. We want users to be able to freely and fairly utilize Stabila tokens, and we can do this by making sure that the supply of tokens issued is sufficient to ensure that price stability.

Decentralized Storage is at the foundation of Stabla’s solution. Today’s centralized storage solutions have several problems:-Trust, who to trust?Incentives, where are incentives?

Where do they go? — Cost, expensive and lack of transparency. We believe in decentralizing storage; a big part of the equation is to distribute tokens to the users directly. They will be able to pay for their storage needs or resell tokens on decentralized exchanges.

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For more information please visit link the below:

Website: https://stabilascan.org/

Author :

Bitcointalk username : Manti Tarak

Bitcointalk profile url : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3398709

Telegram : @mantitarak

STB address: Se8toNEJDRe7C7DbNM3TW8hMLrJNQisC6d



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