Your New Digital Bank — DafriBank Alternative Banking & Web Payment Solutions

‘Your New Digital Bank’ DafriBank is a bank duly licensed by the Central Bank of Comoros. It is recognised as one of the most efficient digital currency and banking solutions for merchants around the world through web payment gateways and mobile payments technology.

DafriBank Digital LTD is a fully regulated bank from the Republic of Comoros that offers easy deposit, easy payments and easy share in multiple currencies. It is owned by Euro Pacific Commodities SA, one of the leading gold dealers in Switzerland with physical gold vaulted in Switzerland and Hong Kong.

With DafriBank Digital LTD, you can bank without having to step into a bank. DafriBank’s innovative banking and payment solutions offer cutting-edge technology for a more convenient, faster, and secure online life.

DafriBank offers a range of Business and Personal banking solutions for customers worldwide. The bank provides merchant services, international money transfer and accounts management. DafriBank offers a number of payment options such as iDeal, Bancontact, credit card payments and e-commerce plugins using a variety of secure gateways.

Your new Digital Bank — DafriBank is an alternative banking solution for new and innovative businesses. Alternative banking is all about integrating physical bank branches with digital financial operations. This is a bank that is built for a new generation of businesses that use technology to increase speed, efficiency, and ‘cut the queue’ for SMEs in Africa.

Welcome to Digital Bank — DafriBank

DafriBank Digital is a bank duly licensed by the Central Bank of Comoros. The branchless financial technology company is one of the most recognised offshore banks with web and mobile payment solutions for merchants and digital entrepreneurs.

Join the DafriBank Digital Family today by choosing your preferred banking or payment solution. Our offshore bank is licensed by the Central Bank of Comoros Good to know: We support more than 45+ payment methods worldwide and a strong team (80+ internationals) ready to help you manage your life and finance.

The government of Comoros did not introduce any new laws to regulate the new form of payments while the technology advanced at an unprecedented speed. By meeting the need for a secure and reliable way of making financial transactions, Interbank Technology Group launched the world

Are you looking for a reliable banking alternative to accept credit and debit cards securely? Do you want to reach global clients via your website or mobile apps? If so, it is time to open a digital bank account.

Let us introduce you to the new generation of banking solutions. From a single platform, you can now transact business as a client, merchant or entrepreneur. A range of products including IBAN and VISA Debit cards, e-wallets and bank accounts are all available to you from the comfort of your smart device.

You’ve earned it. Now get the perfect financial home for your lifestyle. It’s time to get what you need.

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